Welcome move for women

THE new housing project for widows and divorcees in Fujairah, planned by the Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Humanitarian and Charity Foundation, is in line with the nature of the organisation — caring for those in society who need it the most. Widows and divorcees will surely welcome this move. Widows have quite a hard time in many patriarchal societies of the East, and accommodation is one of their major problems after the death of their husbands, as many of them are poor and without jobs. They need to find a secure shelter for themselves to look after their children.

Divorcees too require a shelter to carry on with their lives as after being dumped by their husbands, they have no place to go. Many of them cannot go back to their parents, some are staying away from their parents due to the nature of their divorced husband’s job. Obviously, the divorced women need a job desperately, but shelter is the first need in a big city where they have few of their own kith and kin, and hardly any contacts. Again, quite a few divorced women are viewed with suspicion in a male-dominated society that tends to mostly blame women for divorces, whereas actually, it is the men who are responsible for divorces in a majority of the cases.

Therefore, housing for these two categories of women — widows and divorcees is most essential and an urgent requirement. With rising rents these days, and life becoming increasingly difficult for those in low-income professions, this project is really the answer to all the prayers of these women.

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