Waves lash Kalbaa

FUJAIRAH — For the second time this month, heavy waves lashed Kalbaa coast yesterday, flowing over the wave-breakers and inundating an adjoining park and the main road, which was subsequently closed.

Six municipality vehicles rushed to the rescue of the people, and pumped out the water from the road and buildings near the coast. Three pumps were pressed into service with the Civil Defence vehicles also contributing their mite.

Dr Mohammad Al Sahy, President of Kalbaa Municipal Council, assured the citizens that there was no cause for alarm as it was a normal seasonal phenomenon, which occurs during summer due to high waves accompanied by violent winds.

The coast parallel to Kalbaa corniche and creek was affected because it was a low-lying area, which was prone to water-logging.

"This phenomenon is called monsoon and occurs during the months of June, July and August in the Arabian Sea. The eastern coasts are always affected by it," sources from the meteorological office said.

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