Watani comic superhero takes the UAE by storm

DUBAI — Western-based DC and Marvel characters would have to take a step back to give way to UAE’s own comic book superhero, Ajaaj, which was launched yesterday by Watani, the country’s social development programme.

By A Staff Reporter

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Published: Sun 8 Jul 2007, 8:28 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:01 AM

In a Press briefing held at Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, Mohammed Baharoon, deputy coordinator general of Watani, said that initial copies of the first UAE-published monthly comic book series will be distributed across the country for free during a promotional road show.

In its first few months of publication, Ajaaj will have a target circulation of 20,000 copies and will be made available at various bookstores in the country. The volume of circulation may also be increased depending on the market response. Baharoon, however, said the actual cost of the comic book will be disclosed once it has been commercially distributed next month.

Published in both Arabic and English, the series attempt to encourage young locals and expatriate residents to have a better understanding of UAE values and culture as depicted in the adventures of Ajaaj, the comicís fictional superhero.

“ We are expecting Ajaaj to promote a delicate balance between the locals’ national identity and the unique multi-cultural setting of the UAE,” Baharoon told Khaleej Times.

The story of Ajaaj has been set in the UAE in the year 2020. Originating as a seemingly ‘mysterious storm’, Ajaaj is actually a young UAE man who can transform himself into a cloud of dust or a massive wall strong enough to stop a bullet train. Ajaaj’s human form may not be visible to ordinary people, but those will be able to see him who have a sincere nature and pure heart like children.

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