Warning against slaughtering animals outside abattoirs

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Warning against slaughtering animals outside abattoirs

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has cautioned the public against the risks of slaughtering animals at homes and residential areas or any other place outside municipal abattoirs in order to safeguard the health of community members, along with their families, against potential diseases associated with the slaughtering of animals in makeshift places.

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Published: Sun 29 Jul 2012, 5:33 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 1:18 PM

Compliance with this call will ensure that the slaughtered animals are subjected to due veterinary tests at abattoirs, avoid the spread of diseases and uphold the aesthetic appearance of the city.

The Municipality has stressed the need of consulting the veterinarian at the livestock market and abattoirs to seek advice on all matters relating to the slaughtered animals in order to protect the community from diseases and epidemics. It called on the public to read the awareness bulletins posted in public waiting areas inside the slaughter houses.

It urged contractors undertaking slaughtering and cleaning works to step up the level of preparedness and readiness to cope with the increase in the number of slaughtered animals during the month of Ramadan, address the hygienic aspects, increase the number of butchers and workers deployed, and ensure compliance with the highest standards of quality in delivering services.

Khalifa Mohammed Al Rumaithi, Director of Public Health at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, said: ‘There is a set of key elements at the slaughterhouses that render the slaughtering process healthy and safe. The first and foremost element is carrying out veterinarian tests before and after the slaughtering process, ensuring that the slaughtering is carried out in a healthy and Sharia-compliant manner by qualified & licensed professional butchers, and ascertaining the proper disposal of slaughtering remnants such as blood, hides and non-expendable limbs through ensuring a healthy and safe disposal of wastes unfit for human consumption in a healthy, safe and clean environment that maintains the civilized appearance of Abu Dhabi city.’

The Municipality adjusted the timing of receiving the public at all Abu Dhabi abattoirs during the month of Ramadan to start from 06:00 am and continue through 06:00 pm, and from 10:00 pm to 01:30 am every day throughout all weekdays i.e. 16 and a half hours per day, except for Friday where the working time will start from 06:00 am up to 11.00 am and resume from 02:00 pm and continue to 06:00 pm in addition to a night shift from 10:00 pm up to 01:30 am in order to ease the burden from the fasting individuals, avoid congestion and reduce the waiting time.

The Municipality confirms that there will be no change in the fees applicable to the slaughtering of animals; which are 15 dirham per goat/sheep, 40 dirham per calf/young camel, and 60 dirham per older cow/camel. Such fees include chopping of the slaughtered sheep or goat into 4 pieces, and camels & cows into 6-8 pieces, depending on the request of the customer. Cutting meat to meet individual requests will also be available based on a fee already clearly published at the slaughtering outlet in order to avert overpricing on the part of butchers and ensure service delivery at a suitable price.

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