Voices of a patriotic community

Voices of a patriotic community
Vagelyn Tumbaga-Federico

Filipino expatriates in the UAE hold cultural roots close to heart and share their thoughts on spreading positivity, embracing freedom, and staying committed to the nation and its heritage


Angel Tesorero

Published: Mon 12 Jun 2017, 11:29 AM

Last updated: Mon 12 Jun 2017, 1:52 PM

Vagelyn Tumbaga-Federico
Director of Human Resources, Dusit Thani Dubai  
The freedom that we have now cost the blood and lives of people who cared so much for our country.  Our heroes suffered so that we could live in a peaceful environment. On this 119th Philippine Independence Day, we should be reminded of how expensive our freedom is.  Let us do our share in protecting our country and maintaining the peace and order that our forefathers and heroes fought for. We must be united and stand together as one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Be a proud Filipino!

Dr. Rex Bacarra
Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, American College of Dubai
Seven years after the Philippine's independence from Spain, American Brigadier General Frederick Funston was asked about how the Philippines should be governed: "Of course, the Filipino demands self-government. But because he wants it, is no reason he should have it. If I had a five-year-old child that wanted to play with a red-hot poker, I wouldn't give it to him. If he cried for it, I'd spank him. And that's what I believe ought to be done with the Filipino. He ought to be spanked, and spanked hard." 
That was the pervasive mindset of the Western world at that time, and Filipinos fought hard for this freedom to be fully realised, both physically and as a mindset. Today, we are known as people in diaspora, but it is precisely because of this hard-fought freedom that we are able to exercise our rights and show that we have globally competitive skills and talents wherever we are in the world.
Jennifer Gonzales
HR Director, United International Private School, Dubai
May the 119th Philippine Independence rekindle our patriotic hearts and salute our heroes for the sacrifices they made. Let us be ambassadors of our beautiful country by spreading good deeds, appreciating and respecting the laws of the country that is hosting us, and promote the rich heritage of our motherland. Be proud of being Filipino. Watch the Philippine Consulate and UIPS Philippine history vlog on Facebook - this is the best opportunity to exchange ideas and contribute knowledge on the historical significance of our country.  After all, we owe it to our past whatever we are enjoying now.  
Rommel Sergio 
PhD, HRM Professor, Canadian University Dubai
It is indeed inevitable to pay tribute to the heroes of the past so that the Philippines can relinquish itself from the shackles of colonial enslavement. In retrospection, the painful traces of assault once gripped the nation in fear and desolation.  We have a lot of things to be thankful about, as today's generation has been gifted with a wide array of sovereignty - the use of technology at its peak, quality of work-life balance and freedom of speech, among others.  I aspire that in the near future, we can all be free from social and political strife, corruption, and debts that can redound to well-being and self-actualisation.
Josie Conlu-Romulo
Country Communications Head, Middle East and Africa Network of Filipino Diaspora - UAE
On our Independence Day, the question of what I have done for my country in my 40-plus years of existence makes me think deeper. Being a Filipino expatriate is not easy. However, despite the chaos, rise and fall of our government, economic downfall and many other factors affecting all Filipinos around the world, the most important thing is we should always be proud that we are Filipinos. I am; I stand tall and proud whenever I am with other nationalities because I am confident of my roots. The legacy that our forefathers instilled in us should not be put to waste. Independence Day should be celebrated with enthusiasm and thankfulness topped with fervent prayers for our country in this difficult time. 

SJ Angel
Digital Media Specialist, Wafi
We celebrate Philippine Independence Day to remember our roots and the rich history of our country. Our ancestors' aspirations to gain control of our own country free from oppressors should not be forgotten, nor disregarded, nor be put in vain. The threats of constant foreign influence and terrorism indicate a threat to our own independence and the country. We should always look back to our roots, our history and pray that we remain victorious against uninvited threats. Filipinos in the Philippines or abroad must work hand-in-hand to promote resilience and the "so-pinoy or makabayan" attributes, no matter what or where we are. Let us keep our chin up high and be proud of who we are.

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