Vintage beauties on show

DUBAI — Classic car lovers in Dubai are in for a treat with a special showcase of vintage cars at the Emaar Boulevard in Downtown Burj. From the only 1969 Rolls Royce limousine in the world to a special edition 1967 Ford Shelby, over 100 cars are on show at the Emirates Classic Car Show Festival hosted as part of the UAE National Day celebrations till tomorrow. The show started on Thursday.


Muaz Shabandri

Published: Sat 4 Dec 2010, 12:23 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 11:16 AM

“These cars are absolutely breathtaking. I would love to drive each of them on the roads,” says Mohammed Ben Sulayem, FIA vice-president who is also a keen car enthusiast.

The show-stopper, a special Batmobile from the original batman movie, had heads turning from a distance. A sleek matte-finish body with a sliding hood and full-utility armour, the car is one of only four in the world, licensed from the Warner Brothers Studio in Hollwood.

“It was one of the spare cars which was used during the shooting of the Batman movie. The car was incomplete when I first got it from Hollywood. had to install two jet engines and complete the interiors before being able to drive it,” says Mohammed Al Attar, owner of the Batmobile, who was also showcasing an 18-wheeler at the exhibition.

Other classic cars at the show include a 1929 Pontiac Master, the original Fiat 500 and a 1959 Ford Skyliner among a host of other cars.

“These are not just any old cars. They are some of the best vintage cars in the world. They may not be eco-friendly because they were built long ago, but they are still part of a very special mobile culture,” says Horst Bruning, president of the Federation Internationale Vehicules who was touring the exhibition.

Senior officials from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) present at the exhibition also unveiled a special vintage number plate.

“Until now, there was no mechanism to register these vintage cars. Car owners in Dubai will soon be allowed to drive these classic cars on the roads,” said Mohammed Abdul Karim, Director of Vehicle Licensing at RTA.

The Emirates Classic Car Show Festival, hosted for the third year in a row, is open to the public for free.

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