Up to one month in jail for overtaking on shoulder

Motorists will face up to one month imprisonment for overtaking on the hard shoulder, warned the Abu Dhabi Police on Saturday.

By Staff Reporter

Published: Sun 18 May 2014, 10:31 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 8:44 PM

Brigadier Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Director of Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, said that motorists will face severe penalties for overtaking on the hard shoulder.

According to the police, at least 4,930 such violations were captured by radars and surveillance cameras on Abu Dhabi’s internal and external roads during the past four months. Brigadier Al Harithi said: “Any violation of provision of the law such as overtaking on the hard shoulder is punishable by up to one month imprisonment and also incurs 10 black points (six points for overtaking on the hard shoulder and four points for not giving way to emergency, police and public service vehicles).”

He said: “Overtaking on the hard shoulder of the road is a dangerous driving behaviour that poses a risk to people’s lives.

The hard shoulder is designed to be used in cases of emergency and accidents and should be left free for ambulances, in addition to civil defence and police vehicles to ensure their timely arrival to accidents’ sites.”

Radars and surveillance cameras on Abu Dhabi city’s intersections record hard shoulder overtaking violations, in addition to red light signal jumping, incorrect use of traffic lanes, stopping vehicles on pedestrian crossing, exceeding speed limits, They also capture violations by motorists who illegally overtake other vehicles at intersections, make impermissable turns or U-turns from the wrong lane.


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