Unsung heroes take centrestage

DUBAI - A job well done is its own reward. This adage came true on the evening of the April 13 at the award presentation ceremony for the Dubai Government Excellence Award, when a once obscure Dubai International Airport cleaner was called on stage and honoured for making a call and saying four simple words: "Dubai Airport no water".

By Hani M. Bathish

Published: Thu 17 Apr 2003, 12:22 PM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 9:57 PM

Cameras clicked and a roar of applause erupted from the crowd as Moosa Husain, the hard-working cleaner who fulfilled his responsibilities in an excellent manner, had the honour of shaking hands with General Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and UAE Defence Minister.

Mr Husain called the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) when he discovered the water supply to the airport had been disrupted.

In spite of his inability to speak English, he telephoned Dewa and managed to get his message across successfully. A task force was sent and the water supply was restored as a result.

In all, 17 hard-working diligent Dubai Government employees were honoured that night in appreciation of their efforts.

The thoughtful gesture came as a surprise when, following his speech, Gen Shaikh Mohammed announced: "There is a group of workers in the Dubai Government departments which works diligently behind the scenes and I would like to call some of them over to the stage and thank them."

Among those who were honoured on the occasion include:

Abdul Rahman Ali - A technician at Rashid Hospital for the last 40 years. He started working at Al Maktoum Hospital under the direction of Dr McCauley. He is a hard working person who puts his job before his personal life.

Ahmad Sabir - A UAE national with special needs, he works at the business registration office at the Dubai Department of Economic Development. His disability has never stopped him from being an excellent customer service representative.

Rabika Lenin - A Filipina nurse at Rashid Hospital who is very active and provides advice and support to her colleagues.

Ahmad Al Sabbagh - A Syrian national and Dubai Transport Corporation driver, he observes traffic rules and is very honest. He found $20,000 in his car and returned it to the passenger.

Abdul Hamid Mohammed - An immigration officer at Dubai International Airport, he welcomes visitors with a smile and in a courteous manner.

Soad Ibrahim - An employee at Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), she has five children and is still an active and committed employee who maintains a balance between her professional and personal responsibilities.

Jamal Mohammed Hassan - A supervisor of cleaners at Dubai Municipality, he is a responsible person who puts in long hours at work.

Abbas Mohammed Abbas - A technician at Dewa, he has been working since 1968, and is loyal and active and always ready to be of service; at any place and at any time.

Hussain Jalal - A driving test examiner from Dubai Police, he is polite and fair in his judgment and deals gently with applicants to help them overcome their fear and nervousness.

Hashim Abdel Rahman Al Hamid - A cameraman at Dubai TV, he is dedicated to his work and cooperates with everyone.

Hamda bin Jarsh - A secretary at the Finance Department of the Dubai Development Board, he is a dedicated and successful employee who assists all clients and employees and follows up on their payments.

Jasim Mohammed Hassan - A Dubai Customs employee, who is currently continuing his studies. He inspects four to five containers each day whereas the normal inspection record is between two and three containers.

Abdullah Mohammed Al Muhairi - An administrative assistant at Jebel Ali Free Zone, he has high ethics and he is courteous and friendly. He processes 130 company applications daily, while his colleagues process an average of 80.

Mousa Al Fuqai - A Muezzin (who calls for prayer), he has been working for the Department of Endowments and Islamic Affairs in Rashidiya for the last 30 years and has strong relations with the community.

Moza Lootah - A typist at the Justice Department, she gives suggestions to develop her work and cooperates with her colleagues.

Ali Abdullah - An employee of Dubai Ports Authority, he is a hard worker with a high level of efficiency. He is a polite, helpful and an ideal worker.

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