Unit to Monitor Labour Services Centres

ABU DHABI - The Ministry of Labour will establish a unit for supervision and control of services centres, a senior official has said.

By Adel Arafah

Published: Wed 22 Apr 2009, 1:43 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 9:16 AM

“The new administration will keep an eye on these centres and the fees they charge for services as part of the ministry’s strategy to deliver the best services to the clients,” said Humaid bin Deemas, Acting Director-General of the ministry.

According to him, the ministry intends to outsource several services to private service centres, turning the ministry’s mandate from a service provider into a decision-maker and labour market regulator.

The first strategy, he said, would feature outsourcingof processing of applications for transactions to private firms through the services centres across the country, which receive applications for transactions and send them to the ministry online.

He told people attending the ministry’s weekly Open Dayon Monday that the ministry had processed five million applications for work permits, labour cardsandtransfer of sponsorships, and issued 500,000 e-work permits last year through its 24-hour online service.

The second strategy, he said, would focus on delivery of services through modern technology by maximising the use of e-applications.

The quality of services would be the main focus under the third strategy. Firms and workers will deal with the ministry through a package of advanced systemsin the form of centres forcommunication and complaints and suggestions. In March, the ministry launched an 11-hour service (from 8am to 7pm) on the directives of the Minister of Labour for the convenience of the private sector.

Humane Gesture to Ex-SchoolBus Driver

A MAN has offered to pay the fee a worker over 60 years has to pay to renew his labour card as a gesture to the Somali worker who was the bus driver of his school earlier.

The case came up at the Ministry of Labour’s Open Day on Monday.

Humaid bin Deemas heard the case of the sick worker.

A fee of Dh5,000 is charged for renewing the labour card of a worker who is above 60 each year to discourage such people being employed in the country unless they are essentially required by the company. A national employer offered to pay the fees on behalf of the man, saying the Somali had worked as a bus driver at the school he had attended.

Bin Deemas refused to exempt the worker saying only the minister can take such a decision. He promised the worker that he would take up the matter with the minister for action.adel@khaleejtimes.com

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