Unified technical panel to test vehicles in disputes

The Ministry of Economy, along with car dealers in the country, have agreed to form a unified committee consisting of a representative from motor vehicle agencies, to chalk out the technical test reports issued on cars when consumers raise disputes about a vehicle.

The Committee will work under the supervision of the ministry, to oversee the standards of neutrality the committee implements in car tests.

The Ministry announced the collaboration at a meeting on Tuesday with the car dealers committee. In attendance were 44 representatives from auto car agencies and it was pointed out that the committee would be set up within the forthcoming period, once they had selected the specialist company to undertake the technical tests.

“The Ministry of Economy had struck a deal with the car dealers committee in the country to form a unified technical committee comprising of the representatives of the technical test in these agencies, to prepare unbiased reports on dispute cases with consumers regarding the car defects”, said Director of the Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Economy, Dr Hashim Saeed Al Nuaimi.

He said that the new committee aimed at providing a thorough service and stated that they were currently evaluating the credentials submitted by the nominated companies. He said the time period would also allow new companies to submit their applications. Currently the ministry has short-listed six local and international companies for consideration.

Dr Al Nuaimi said that the committee will comprise of engineers and technical supervisors from a number of car agencies in order to ensure that a test would not be carried out single handedly by one agency, to avoid bias.

He, however, said the Ministry will give the consumer the right to resort to judiciary (court) in the case of not accepting the results of the technical reports issued by the committee.

The committee will provide privileges of finding out technical test institutions for the dispute cases on auto motors sector in some of the emirates which lack the presence of these institutions, he said, adding that, this will speed up decision making in disputes on motor vehicles.


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