‘Unidentified’ dead man was amnesty-seeker

DUBAI — He dreamt to return home using the opportunity of amnesty after two years of toil as an illegal worker in the UAE. But fate had something else in store for 40-year-old Asokan, who hailed from the south Indian state of Kerala. His dead body was found in Satwa by Dubai Police 10 days ago and was lying in police morgue as ‘unidentified’.

By Riyasbabu

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Published: Thu 12 Jul 2007, 8:29 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:07 AM

However, relatives identified Asokan’s body yesterday after his picture was published in local newspapers, where the police appealed to the public to help identify the man.

According to Bhaskaran, a relative, who identified Asokan’s body in police morgue, the latter had gone missing 20 days ago.

“We were searching for him all these days. I saw his picture in the newspaper and went to police morgue. It was him. His relatives back home have been informed about the tragedy,” said Bhaskaran, adding that the reason behind his death was still not known as the police report is not yet ready.

“He was very happy when the amnesty was announced. He was trying to secure an outpass. He was very desperate to return home as he was struggling here as an illegal worker,” Bhaskaran said.

Asokan had been working in Dubai for the past two years. “He came on a visit visa scouting for a job. The agent took his passport and disappeared. So he could not return home,” claimed Bhaskaran.

Asokan’s body, Bhaskaran said, will be repatriated after the legal procedures are completed. “We are going to the Indian Consulate to explore the chance to get an outpass to repatriate his body,” he added.

Asokan leaves behind his widow and two children.

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