UAQ landfill fire: Official blames it on a factory

UMM AL QUWAIN - The fire that broke out at a landfill and continued for several days has exposed a factory that was carrying out a series of illegal activities, a senior municipal official has disclosed.

By Moshen Rashid (Our staff reporter)

Published: Sun 16 Mar 2008, 8:27 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:45 PM

Dr Musbah Rashid Humaid, Director of UAQ Municipality, said the plant was found carrying out a string of unathorised practices like recycling of plastic items, collection of wastes like cans, cartons and glass pieces. The plant had also been turned into a commercial livestock farm, he added.

He pointed out that the fire that erupted in the plant’s incinerator had exposed many irregularities which the authorities concerned need to tackle and prevent their recurrence.

He explained that the plant was in the business of making cement blocks used in pavement construction for the past 15 years, but had a licence for recycling and manufacturing plastic products. The licence for recycling of plastic material, too, had expired three years ago.

The civic body chief said he has instructed his officials to initiate stern action against the plant owners.

He announced that a set of new regulations will be enforced for new factories, including the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) certificate from accredited consultant. “Without this certificate no new application will be approved,” he maintained.

As for the existing factories, he said they will be asked to submit the EIA certificate at the time of renewal of the licence.

He added that a study to explore relocation of these factories to another place will be commissioned, given the fact that these industrial units will find themselves in the heart of urban and residential complexes within a few years because of the rapid pace of urbanisation in the emirate.

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