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UAE to Philippines tickets to cost over Dh4,000 during Christmas

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Dubai - Best buy early.

By Keith Pereña

Published: Sat 7 Sep 2019, 4:53 PM

For Filipinos around the world, those in the UAE included, the Christmas season officially began on September 1. When the so-called 'Ber months' come in, families all over the world make plans to ensure that they are home for the holidays. The biggest hurdle for many of them to achieving this are the gradual increase of prices for flights going out around the month of December. The sudden surge in prices can sometimes go up to as much as double the normal cost.
The practical way to do it is to obviously book your tickets early. That being said, Khaleej Times performed a quick scan of flights from UAE to the Philippines to give you an idea of how much you'll shell out if you purchase a ticket this time. For our research, we looked for flights in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi travelling from December 22 to 28. Here are our findings.
Flights from Dubai

From Dubai, the cheapest flight available is at Dh2,400 via Cebu Pacific. This is followed by Philippine Airlines, the country's flag carrier, at Dh3,077; and Emirates at Dh3,799. These are all direct flights. Connecting flights with one to two layovers average around Dh3,000-Dh4,000.

Flights from Abu Dhabi

Expats in Abu Dhabi, prepare to shell a pretty penny. The cheapest flight from the Capital to Manila is via a connecting flight on Gulf Air - at Dh3,725. The flight takes 10 hours and has a one-hour layover in Bahrain. Direct flights are provided by Etihad and will set you back by Dh4,293.
Flights from Sharjah

Like Abu Dhabi, Filipinos in Sharjah are set to pay more. There are no direct flights between Sharjah and Manila. The cheapest options for Sharjah expats are a 40-hour flight with stops in Egypt and China. You'll have to take flights via EgyptAir and China Southern. The combined price comes to around Dh4,945.
Do note that for some of these prices, check-in luggage may not be included.
Prices retrieved on September 5, 2019.

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