UAE man sues hospital, doctor over wife's death

UAE man sues hospital, doctor over wifes death
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He seeks compensation for alleged medical negligence


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Wed 14 Jun 2017, 12:27 PM

Last updated: Wed 14 Jun 2017, 7:12 PM

An Abu Dhabi man filed a lawsuit against a hospital and its doctor for causing death of his wife after allegedly giving her a wrong treatment.
The Arab man is also seeking compensation for medical negligence which he claims had resulted in his wife's death and for moral and material damages he suffered because of it.
An Abu Dhabi Court heard that the Arab woman, who suffered from a cancerous condition, went to a local hospital in Abu Dhabi after feeling severe pain in her body. The specialised doctor and head of the nursing department allegedly misdiagnosed the woman's condition and administered wrong treatment which caused the spread of cancer in her entire body.
The treatment, according to the man's lawsuit, reportedly caused serious complications in his wife, leading to deterioration of her condition and eventually, her death.
The hospital and the doctor, however, denied the charges of medical negligence. They told the court that they gave the right treatment to the woman and worked on it professionally after diagnosing her.
The court appointed a medical committee to examine the case and present report to it before the judge pronounces a ruling.
The trial was adjourned to a future date.

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