UAE Has Made Significant Progress in Combating Problem

DUBAI — Colonel Abdul Rehim bin Shafi, Director of Anti-Organised Crimes, Dubai Police, who is also handling Diplomatic and Consular Affairs, said that human trafficking is a new type of slavery, which has a dangerous and negative impact on human dignity.

He pointed that the UAE had made significant progress in combating human trafficking, by issuing the Federal Law Number 51 of the year 2006 and setting up a special anti-human trafficking committee.

“The Department of Human Rights and the Anti-human Trafficking Monitor Centre of Dubai Police were also tackling human trafficking issues,” he added.

Col Shafi said that the Anti-human Trafficking Monitor Centre of Dubai Police is taking many steps to to ensure that workers are not subjected to exploitation, forced labour, slavery, prostitution or other forms of exploitation, including beggary.

He said that when a victim approached or is referred to the department, the concerned authorities try to find out whether he/she is really a victim, and then the victim is given all the help, assistance and protection under UAE laws.

“We have experts to examine the victim and to know whether he/she is frustrated, in addition to other facts that may appear during investigation. If they do not know the language we provide a translator. The victims are referred to hospitals,” he said.

“In the case of women and children, we refer them to the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, which shelters women who were subject to human trafficking. If there are any suspects, we refer them to the courts,” Col Shafi explained.

He said the police department works round the clock to receive victims of human trafficking.

“We have a special hotline for human trafficking cases besides the 999, Al Ameen services and Dubai Police website. We deal with complaints confidentially.”

Col. Shafi said the diplomatic missions should inform the police when they received any cases of human trafficking so that the authorities can investigate before registering cases.

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