Twitter suspends Detained in Dubai, founder Radha Stirling's accounts

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Dubai - Stirling and her organisation are considered to have shady dealings and are trashed by many for their mindless anti-Dubai vendetta.

By Staff Report

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Published: Mon 20 Jul 2020, 2:58 PM

Last updated: Mon 20 Jul 2020, 5:00 PM

Twitter has suspended the accounts of a UK-based rights activist and her organisation that claims to offer legal help to expats facing detention in Dubai.

The social media accounts of Radha Stirling and her organisation Detained in Dubai, which holds dubious reputation among many, was suspended on Saturday for violating the rules of the micro-blogging website.

No specific reason for taking down the account was given, but Twitter is known to suspend accounts that misuse the platform and violate the rules of privacy and safety. Profiles reported to be abusive are also taken down by Twitter.

"We may suspend an account if it has been reported to us as violating our rules surrounding abuse. When an account engages in abusive behaviours, like sending threats to others or impersonating other accounts, we may suspend it temporarily, or in some cases, permanently," says the company's rulebook.

"You may not use Twitter's services in a manner intended to artificially amplify or suppress information or engage in behaviour that manipulates or disrupts people's experience on Twitter," it says.

Stirling and her organisation are known for their dire anti-Dubai campaigns often in the name of fighting for expats who end up on the wrong side of the UAE law. British tabloid's favourite toast, Stirling was most recently seen advocating for the rights of a British air hostess and her boyfriend supposedly held in Dubai for suspected drug charges.

The self-proclaimed activist was quoted in the British media as saying that the 23-year old detainee was not allowed to communicate with her family, and was also denied medical attention for her illness. But Stirling's involvement in the case has reportedly been rubbished by the legal firm representing the suspect.

The London-based Stirling founded Detained in Dubai in 2008 and the organisation claims it is campaigning for changes in the UAE's legal system. But Stirling and her organisation are considered to have shady dealings and are trashed by many for their mindless anti-Dubai vendetta.

"You can't get away with a lie. Truth will always come out," tweeted @Jallmki, one twitter user responding to the news.

"I'm so glad to hear this. Radha Stirling is a charlatan and Detained in Dubai is not a non-profit," said another user.

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