Truck drivers getting stuck in Ajman tunnel

AJMAN — Several heavy vehicle and truck drivers have expressed their sufferings on the difficulties faced when they pass through the new Ajman tunnel which leads to the Ajman industrial areas and Khan Sahib Village due to its short height and small roundabouts at its entrance and exit.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Sun 28 May 2006, 10:42 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 1:52 PM

Yassir Awad, the truck driver of an oil company, complained: “I have to pass through this tunnel as I don’t have any other alternative, because my company’s business is connected to the Ajman Industrial Area. The tunnel is very small; and despite driving very slowly, my truck touches the ceiling of the tunnel, causing damage to the vehicle. Authorities concerned should solve this problem as soon as passible. Otherwise, the heavy flow of truck traffic through the tunnel will cause damages to the tunnel.”

Rafeeq Aziz, another truck driver, said that there is no instruction or signboard to show motorists the height of the tunnel, so that they can avoid passing through it.

"The height of my truck is more than that of the tunnel; and on one occasion, when I tried to pass through it, I hit the roof causing accidents to cars behind. The traffic policeman, who came to investigate the accident, agreed with me that the tunnel is very short for heavy vehicles, but he still fined me for passing through it. Although I did not know about its short height and tried to make the policeman understand, he refused to listen and told me that I should have used another route instead," he added.

Lull Saqweel said: “My truck is slightly smaller than the tunnel height but I still find it risky to pass through it. The roundabout at the entrance is very small and is always congested." He alleged that it was designed to cause accidents rather than organising traffic movement and easing out the traffic woes faced by motorists and heavy truck drivers. "I hope the authorities concerned would carry out the necessary correction on the tunnel's height and design as soon as possible. This will absolutely affect the business in the industrial area from trucks coming from various parts of the emirate,” he said.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Ali Saeed Al Matroushi, Head of the Traffic and Accident Section of Ajman Traffic and Licence Department, said he was aware of the issue and knew that the tunnel was exposed to damages by heavy vehicles passing through it due to its short height. He said that the department had prepared a report about the frequent accidents in the tunnel due to its wrong designing. He admitted that the signboard instructing motorists about the entrance on the Emirate Road was also missing.

When asked if the tunnel design would be made compatible to heavy vehicles and truck movement, he said that the tunnel was the only route currently leading to the new industrial areas, so the truck drivers had no other choice than to pass through it.

Ahmed Abdul Razaq, Assistant Director of Technical Affairs at the Ajman Municipality, said that the municipality was studying the problems of the tunnel and will soon find a solution to it.

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