Trio’s Plot to Flee after Robbing Diamonds Foiled

SHARJAH - Three Azerbaijanis’ plan to flee the country after robbing diamonds worth half-a-million dirhams was foiled by Sharjah Police on Friday.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Tue 19 Jan 2010, 1:04 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 2:31 PM

The three men were arrested by Sharjah Police in cooperation with Dubai Police when trying to leave for Azerbaijan from Dubai International Airport at 3.30am on Friday.

Colonel Yousef Al Naqbi, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department of Sharjah Police, said a robbery report was filed on Thursday evening by an Indian salesman working in a Dubai-based jewellery shop.“The salesman told the police that the trio used to turn up at the shop frequently while expressing the desire to buy them and that later, upon their request, he went to Sharjah to show them the diamonds.

He visited them at one of the hotels in Sharjah after receiving the permission to do so from the shopowner. The owner of the shop also instructed him to rent a room in the same hotel till he receives the full payment for the diamonds.”

Colonel Al Naqbi added that after receiving the diamonds from the salesman, the three suspects requested him to grant them some time till the arrival of their partner who supposedly had the money. Immediately after, they left the hotel with the diamonds.

“The case of robbery was immediately referred to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) who succeeded in arresting the culprits in a very short time.

The CID managed to reveal the identity of the culprits very soon and in cooperation with Dubai Police, the trio were arrested.”

On searching the culprits’ bags, various black plastic bags were found scattered all over their bags. The suspects, who confessed to robbing the jewels, have been detained and will be referred to the Public Prosecution. Colonel Al Naqbi warns shop owners from trusting such fraudsters.

“The salesman has made a big mistake of easily believing the claims of those suspects and simply went to them while handing over the jewels without taking money from them. Salesmen must be cautious in dealing with gang members who pretend to be customers.

The security departments in UAE spare no efforts in revealing and tracing crimes and culprits must know no matter how smart they think they are, they will be arrested and punished as justice always prevails.”

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