Tramadol may be Included in Banned Narcotics

ABU DHABI - Tramadol should be included ons the list of narcotics stipulated under federal law No.14 of 1995, according to Abu Dhabi Police.

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Published: Thu 4 Dec 2008, 12:37 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 5:12 PM

The medicine is under scientific scrutiny and a decision to ban it would be taken if the analysis proves that Tramadol affects the brain of the users.

Ameeting of toxicologists from the police departments in the country on Sunday called for reviewing of the federal anti-narcotics law.

Laboratory results of blood and urine samples taken from young addicts showed the presence of Tramadol, said Major Mohammed Saeed Al Jabri, head of the Chemical Analysis Section.

This, he said, had drawn the attention that drug addicts took heavy doses of the medicine.

Such a medicine should be included in the list of banned substances because their effect is similar to that of some narcotic substances that induce intoxication, he pointed out.

Some drug abusers who were caught under the influence of Tramadol, had to be let off because it was not on the banned substances list.

Tramadol is an effective sedative that is prescribed to overcome severe and chronic pain, including the pain the patient suffers after a surgery, or during or after deliveries. It could also lead to addiction.

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