‘Tortured’ Filipina maid rescued from employer

Philippine Consul-General Benito B. Valeriano instructed the Labour Attache to investigate the alleged assault on a 28-year-old Filipina maid by her Egyptian employers.

By Lily B. Libo-on And Amira Agarib

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Published: Thu 28 Oct 2010, 12:10 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 4:36 PM

The Consul-General ordered a thorough investigation after the Bur Dubai Police informed the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) on Monday afternoon that the employers, who reportedly physically abused the maid, made a counter charge against the victim.

The Dubai Police confirmed that they received the maid’s complaint on October 23 after which they rushed to her sponsor’s house and took him to the Bur Dubai police station. The Egyptian sponsor and wife were referred to the Dubai Public Prosecution and released on bail.

The victim, Renelyn Balba Boco, escaped from her employers and sought the help of their neighbour on the fifth floor of the building at 10am on October 23. Her face, chest, back and ears bore bruises and cuts.

The neighbour, who was not identified in the police complaint, called 999 when they saw the physical condition of Boco and reported the abuse.

“A few minutes before the Bur Dubai police arrived, my employers came back to the house but I refused to go back to their flat. My sponsor tried to convince me to return to their flat but I refused. Then the police and the ambulance arrived and took me to Rashid Hospital,” Boco said.

Boco, who said she had been working without salary for six months, alleged that she had been “treated like an animal”. At times, her lady employer would force her to eat biscuits lying on the floor and lick the woman’s shoes clean. An ambulance staff rang the Welfare Office at the Philippine Consulate and reported the condition of Boco who was at the hospital.

Welfare Officer Mary Cyd Cimangan took her from the hospital to the Bur Dubai police station to lodge her complaint.

Labour Attache Amilbahar B. Amilhassan of POLO Dubai told Khaleej Times that according to Boco’s complaint, her sponsor’s wife forced her to eat sand mixed with fertilizers from the planter boxes twice, sleep in the toilet, cut her hair short to make her look like a man and hit her.

“My sponsor would also beat me with his belt, slippers and shoes. My madam will ride on my back while twisting my arm and hitting my head with any object,” Boco said. “I have lumps in both my breasts. My employer only gave me a slice of bread and noodles as a meal during the day. I worked without salary for six months,” she alleged.

During police interrogation, the Egyptian man and his wife confessed that they had beaten up the maid who, they claimed, usually beat up and hurt their children. But they denied the allegations that they tortured, abused and mistreated her or of not paying her salary. They said the maid was telling lies.

The police said the maid had presented a medical report, which showed that she had been beaten up, but the husband and wife had also lodged a complaint against the maid and presented a medical report that she had beaten up the children.

British national Liza Kingsley, benefactor of the Filipino Workers Resource Centre where Boco is now staying, told the Labour Attache that she would provide free legal services to Boco.


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