Top name in Global Talent Search Consultancy - UK

Top name in Global Talent Search Consultancy - UK
Neetu Gupta, Co-Owner and Director, and Rajeev Gupta,Founder & CEO of Lime Source Consultancy

Rajeev Gupta, Founder & CEO of Lime Source Consultancy, gives an insight into the genesis of the Award Winning Organisation.

Published: Mon 10 Dec 2018, 10:55 AM

Last updated: Mon 10 Dec 2018, 1:07 PM

Lime Source Consultancy Winning Team has been striving and thriving under Dynamic leadership of Visionary Global Leader Rajeev Gupta, a well known name across Corporate sector with strong presence across GCC  since December'  1993 . With over two decades of National and International experience of CEO Gupta, the company has been scaling new heights year after year, and the firm has successfully bridged the gap between employees and world-class blue chip clients through stellar training, transparency and a promise of excellence. Since its inception, Lime Source  Consultancy recognised an evident gap in the market and began its quest towards raising benchmarks in the industry. "When Rajeev Gupta came to UAE 25 years ago, there was an evident lack of overseas talent with very monotonous market with very little creativity in the industry. The company's was to be creative, to think out of the box, introduce new countries, markets and regions, and help employees make a smooth transition from their hometown to the GCC for lifetime career opportunities. "We as a visionary team believe in being a brand ambassador for not only our clients but also for the UAE as a destination that offers world-class lifestyle with safety and tolerance like no other place across the globe. The UAE has always been at the forefront of innovation and Lime Source's goal was to bring semi skilled, skilled employees for further growth and career prospect to sustain Dubai organisations' expansion plans," says Gupta, Founder and CEO.

For Gupta, providing job opportunities to aspiring candidates from across the globe, introducing a world of opportunities to thousands of families every year is a truly satisfying experience that helps to create a better world, a world where every day dreams of so many families start shaping up in terms of great careers henceforth promoting overall prosperity and happiness across the globe. "At Lime source, it's not only about hiring, we are an extension of our clients' organisations and are brand ambassadors for them."

Bridging gaps, converting dreams and aspirations into reality - An ideal link

According to Gupta, when employees become assets for organisations, there is assured professional growth. "We believe a company's greatest asset are its people. After the selection is made, there is a crash course for employees in which they receive counselling and briefing that covers all necessary details about the organisation and the types of devices being used at work with hands on experience. Candidates upon selections are well equipped even before they move to the UAE and are able to adapt seamlessly.
Potential employees are also given an in-depth insight into the culture of the UAE. "It is crucial to build a relationship based on trust. Our teams guide them through each step and process, from  initiation stage and even after they have moved here for being positive contributors to be an asset for organisations and the UAE community," he says. The UAE is a progressive country which has been blessed with visionary rulers, we educate on the generosities and developments  witnessed across UAE on a day-to-day basis to potential employees so they are aware of the society with such level of tolerance and multinational environment they will be working in.

Infusing the human element

Neetu Gupta, Co-Owner and Director of Lime Source Consultancy believes that going the extra mile is essential to maintain their success. "Trust is the backbone of our organisation, employees from overseas are leaving behind their families to come and work here for professional growth and have a better quality of life.  As Limesource, we take care of employees after they have moved here. We take pride in being able to maintain trust and bonds with them," she says.

Lime Source's reputation in the talent sourcing industry has been recognised by various Private and Government institutions, key diplomats both regionally and overseas - includes the Royal Family of Western Uganda Africa, particularly  His Highness King Oyo, the youngest king in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records, and Her Royal Highness Queen Best Kemigisa, Royal Family - Kingdom of Toro - Western Uganda  lauded CEO Gupta's efforts for upliftment of Ugandans. "Lime Source team's biggest strength is that we offer customised solutions to our prestigious clients. Our organisation has always been bridging the gap, between not only employee and employer but also gaps in markets. Lime Source has become the gateway between our region and countries overseas. We have introduced new markets those were considered out of reach for UAE clients two decades ago, such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Sudan and East Europe, and helped facilitate a seamless transition in addition to our long-term existing sourcing markets include India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines. Our support for our clients is unwavering and our services are a reflection of our dedication. We have helped organisations achieve expansion through hiring the right talents," explains Gupta.

Making an impact

Lime Source's status in the industry as a leading Management and HR Consultancy Company has enabled them to secure world-class clients with sizeable market share with loyal repetitive customer base. "For us, our greatest milestone is maintaining a loyal client base and growing our clientele through word of mouth. Companies often talk about milestones when reflecting on their achievements, but to Lime Source Consultancy, our greatest milestone is self-less referrals. When potential clients come to know about us through our  existing clients, it gives us immense pride," explains GM Subash Chandra and DGM Saniya Shaikh.

Paving way for the future

Lime Source is more than a Human Resources Company; it is a brand name that reflects confidence. "We have a clear vision to grow beyond boundaries. Lime Source Consultancy's winning team is keen to expand across the GCC and North America (Canada), as immediate group expansion plans. We are keen to  expand across GCC, Canada - North America as immediate Group Expansion plans, we are keen to upgrade aspiring work force towards New technologies ie Face Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, upcoming trends like amalgamation of best available Man, Machine and Natural resources leading to Environment Friendly Society with new level of tolerance and respecting multiple cultures," explain HODs Ryan, Sonam and Nidhi Shetty.

"The reputation we have built and maintained in the industry in lieu of our deep rooted passion of sourcing motivated, trained employees and to create a fulfilling and positive professional environment that leads to an an enriched happy and prosperous society is our sole motto," says Gupta.

The team
The team

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