Top firm set to train national jobseekers

DUBAI — S.S. Lootah Group has announced its partnership with National Human Resource Development and Employment Authority (Tanmia) by sponsoring training courses in International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) and English language offered to UAE national jobseekers registered in Tanmia's database.

By A Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 8 Aug 2005, 10:01 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:12 PM

The second level of this training programme entitles select jobseekers to undergo a training session on management and commerce.

Tanmia will provide English language courses to national jobseekers depending on their competency, while another batch will be provided with ICDL training. On the completion of these two courses, which will commence on August 1, 2005, Tanmia will select the best performing jobseekers from the two groups and provide them training on management and commerce.

"We are glad that a large number of companies especially from the private sector have recognised the importance of supporting Tanmia's initiatives and the Emiratisation drive in the UAE. We highly appreciate this initiative by the S.S. Lootah Group, which not only will result in the training of national jobseekers in key skills, but will also set an example for more companies in the UAE to follow," said Marwan Al Sawaleh, Acting Director General and Director of the Employment and Skills Development Centre, Tanmia.

On the other hand, Hajj Saeed bin Ahmad, Chairman of S.S. Lootah, said: "The Institute of Islamic Information and Education represents the educational arm of the group. It includes Dubai Medical College for Girls, Dubai Pharmacy College, Dubai Specialised Medical Centre & Medical Research Laboratories, the Islamic School for Training and Education and the Technical Institute. We recently carried out the licensing procedure for World Al Lootah University of Communication, which is based on remote virtual web learning. On a general basis, the group pays special attention for improving the educational sector in the country and reinforcing the expertise of the young nationals."

The jobseekers selected for the training by Tanmia comprise a balanced mix of nationals with varying educational backgrounds. As a prerequisite for the training, these jobseekers are expected to have basic skills in the use of computers and the Internet and the ability to read, write and speak English and Arabic.

"The number of national jobseekers registered in the Tanmia database has been increasing steadily, which puts an emphasis on the need to enhance their basic skills in English language and computers. Tanmia is also focussing on providing training to national jobseekers on important areas," added Al Sawaleh.

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