Time to put an end to calls by the unwelcome salespersons

THEY sell odds and ends. They always call at odd hours. And they are rarely, if ever, welcome. They are the casual but highly persistent salesmen and saleswomen peddling anything from cheap hair clips, to duplicate music cassettes, to dubious videotape copies, to bright yellow dusters...to what have you.

By The Monitor

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Published: Mon 24 Apr 2006, 11:08 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 5:54 PM

Whether one has even the remotest interest in what they might be peddling is hardly material. What is, is that the potential customer must be shown each and every item on sale in the desperate hope of striking a mutually beneficial bargain. That too happens rarely, because most people consider such peddlers of dubious merchandise to be rather an insufferable nusiance.

To make matters worse, just when you might think that you have successfully got rid of an unusually persistent peddler, he or she brazenly bangs on the door again — to offer you one last chance to strike the bargain-of-a-lifetime!

We know it's not an easy problem to resolve, as many such peddlers indulge in this house-to-house sales campaign to make a quick buck while they are here in the Emirates on a visit visa. But having said that, it's high time the municipal and/or other authorities concerned did something to end this unwanted 'menace'.

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