Time for Eid Al Fitr celebrations in Dubai

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Time for Eid Al Fitr celebrations in Dubai
Eid celebrates the spirit of togetherness.

Eid in Dubai welcomes fun and festivities for residents


Farhana Chowdhury

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Published: Fri 31 May 2019, 10:36 AM

Marking the end of a month-long fasting period, Eid Al Fitr is embraced by both Muslims and non-muslims alike in the UAE. The date of the occasion is based on the sighting of a new moon, in accordance to the Islamic calendar.
Once confirmed, the holidays are packed with joy and fervour, with incredible shopping deals, exciting family activities and feasts at delectable dining options across the country. Each emirate showcases its own set of dazzling fireworks in the evening. 
As UAE residents prepare for a long Eid holidays this year, the last week of Ramadan will be abuzz with residents rushing to take advantage of sales in malls and retail stores for customary new outfits. Night markets too are a popular destination to look for new garments, as well as gifts for near and dear ones.
Eid is celebrated differently from family to family depending on tradition, however, the concept remains the same - it celebrates the spirit of togetherness. The first day is marked with a congregation of people at mosques for the early morning prayer. The special prayer welcomes men and women of all ages and nationalities to pray in comfortably segregated halls.
It is also acceptable to pray at home, though it is encouraged to make the effort to join other believers on common ground for a sense of unity. What sets Eid prayers apart is the set of Salat that consists of two rakaats and an additional six takbirs performed in a large hall or open field. 
Post-prayers, men, women and children dress up in their best wear and either visit relatives and friends with gifts, or host visitors at home. Guests often bring in tokens of appreciation, especially for young ones, who are bestowed with gifts ranging from money, sweets, toys and clothes. In the modern era, adults too are spoilt for choice with a selection of presents, ranging from the latest gadgets, beauty care and spa trips, shopping vouchers, and even staycations. 
Traditionally, home is where the heart is, and Eid is celebrated in full fervour with large gatherings and delicious feasts. While cuisines differ from home to home, each dish is nonetheless grand in its own way, complete with an array of mouth-watering treats that are distributed all around. 
Interestingly, Eid Al Fitr is referred to as "sweet Eid" due to the number of sugary dishes consumed on the day, notably by people from the sub-continent.
Delicacies such as Ras Malai, Barfi, Gulab Jamun, to name a few, adorn tables across the city and are shared with neighbours. There's no end to outlets that offer vibrant gift boxes packed with delicacies!
Charity is central to most beliefs, as the sharing of wealth is believed to bring about humility and ease the burden on the underprivileged. While donations of money and other items is encouraged all year round, Eid sees large sums of money given to the poor and needy; an act called Zakat, which is one of the pillars of Islam.
With the advent of technology, residents can easily donate through electronic channels, giving them the opportunity to not only assist the needy within the country, but also others around the globe.
Go green for Eid
There's no better time to prune a green thumb and encourage others to do the same than now! Give relatives, friends and dear ones a gift of life in the form of a plant. With many species to choose from, simply browse through one of UAE's many nurseries to find a type that best suits your receiver. 
Do keep in mind to check for allergies for both people and their pets. Just as many people tend to be allergic to pollen, there are certain types of flowers and plants that are toxic to animals. A simple search online and professional assistance can help you determine your ideal present. 
Young ones naturally love activities, especially those where they can get their hands dirty. Why not gather the children during Eid for a simple planting session? All you need is potting soil, few nutrients, a sturdy pot, few seeds or pre-grown saplings, water, and of course, a location with generous sunlight. 
Demonstrate how to plant a seed or re-plant a sapling and let them take care of it - a perfect practical gift that would teach them responsibility and embed the importance of care. 

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