Three-month grace for no-smoking rule

DUBAI — The Dubai Municipality has said that shopping malls and marketing complexes will be given a three-month grace period for carrying out necessary changes in view of the smoking ban in the emirate.

By Joy Sengupta |and Criselda E Diala

Published: Thu 10 May 2007, 8:55 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 4:22 AM

Officials also stated that no legal action would be taken against anyone who violates the ban during this time because the municipality would be carrying out awareness campaigns.

Terming it as a gradual plan, Zuhoor Al Sabbagh, head of Clinics and Medical Services Section at the Public Health Department of the Dubai Municipality, said after three months, municipality inspectors would keep a check on violators.

"All this is a gradual process and all checks will be in place in the near future though. Right now, shopping malls need to act on the directions given to them. They can also contact the municipality for advice. The municipality will appoint people and form an authority with regard to the checks soon," Al Sabbagh said.

The officials of Dubai Municipality Clinic stated, "We have always been campaigning against smoking. This year we are contemplating a marathon and television shows in which doctors would be talking about the ill-effects of smoking."

"We will also open a Smoking Clinic which would hold counselling sessions for smokers. We will also bring in a new machine which works on electromagnetic waves and helps a person to quit smoking," said a senior official.

The 'ban on smoking programme' will be launched on May 31, said a source.

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