Three gym staff members deny assaulting municipal inspector

DUBAI — Three Chinese staff of a body building and kung-fu club, including a woman, pleaded not guilty in the Court of First Instance to assaulting a Dubai Municipality inspector when the latter visited the club for inspection and causing him permanent disability.

By Marie Nammour

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Published: Wed 23 Mar 2011, 11:50 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 10:24 AM

The court will pronounce its verdict on April 5.

One of the two men, a physician aged 46, is accused of brutally assaulting the Iraqi inspector in the club’s gym while the latter was doing his duty and causing the inspector permanent disability of 25 per cent. The other man and the woman, both clerks, allegedly assisted him in the assault.

The trio is also charged with confining the inspector and depriving him of his liberty to leave the gym. They denied the charges.

The inspector, 31, told the prosecutor that the assault happened on November 23 last year. He went to the first-floor gym located in a building on Al Rigga Street around noon as usual according to the municipality plan of touring institutions and centres having to do with public hygiene.

He made his remarks about bad odour, smoking indoors and expired food cans in the gym. They went mad when he issued the defendants a written notice about law violations.

He had given them a verbal warning earlier but they did not care to improve the hygienic conditions in the gym.

He was surprised when the physician approached him yelling at him. “He was shouting that they were the only ones being inspected.” The inspector replied saying he was just carrying out his duties.

In the meantime, the woman tore the notice and threw it in the garbage. She then locked the door to prevent the inspector from going out.

The main defendant then punched on his face with great force and kicked him, so he fell down.

The male clerk helped the physician to make the inspector sit on a chair.The physician then brought a stick with which he hit several part of the inspector’s body. The inspector tried to protect his head with his hands. The physician then broke the stick into two and said he would torture the inspector before killing him.

The inspector begged him to leave him promising he would not cause him any problem. The physician then brought a metallic rod, which is used in martial arts, and hit the inspector’s right leg with it. He was about to hit him on his head but the inspector protected himself with his arms.

He then tried to strangle the official but left him to answer a phone call.

In the meantime, the woman defendant cleaned blood drops on the floor, making fun of him.

The inspector managed to stand up despite his injuries and ran towards the window and jumped out. The three tried to stop him from escaping because they were afraid he would cause them trouble later.

A 37-year-old British national, a manager, said during investigation that he saw the inspector lying on the ground near his building. “There was a crowd around him. He was crying in pain and had bruises on his face and blood on his shirt,” he told the prosecutor.

The Briton also said the inspector asked others not to leave him alone because the Chinese would kill him.

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