The real movie magic

The real movie magic
The film industry today has become deeply influential in multiple spheres of society.

Over the years, the film industry has become highly influential and has created an impact towards society in ways we may not have noticed

By Micah Aguilar

Published: Sat 31 Aug 2019, 4:29 PM

Last updated: Sun 1 Sep 2019, 6:45 PM

"So long, partner," were the last parting words Woody had for his long-time toy owner, Andy, as he drives off to college after passing down his beloved childhood toys to another kid. It may not seem much to some people, but this final scene from the Toy Story 3 movie was heartbreaking to watch.
Mostly because many thought this was the last they would ever see of the adventurous and daring Cowboy toy Woody and his gang. But ever since the fourth part of this amazing film franchise is out, thousands of people filled the theaters eager to see how Woody and his toy friends find a way to escape from their new-found adversity.
Movies such as Toy Story has definitely won the hearts of many people and has become a film that families and friends would enjoy and make memories of. This is the result of the many talents and creative ideas of passionate people, put together to produce the best entertainment possible. However, other than tear-inducing movies that ring with life lessons, the big screen has proven to have a lot more to offer besides the amusement of viewers.
 Throughout the years, a number of films have been produced that spoke for certain important topics and follow historical themes that hold significant meanings that are worthy of attention from the public.
Released in 2016, a film called Loving centered around the true-to-life love story of a white man named Richard Loving and a local black woman called Mildred Jeter who lived during a time when the law opposed of interracial relationships. Throughout the film, the couple fought for their right to be together which eventually led to shaping the course of history.
In the same year, a popular Walt Disney motion picture called Zootopia was released in which it blatantly highlighted certain issues related to racism which has an ever-growing presence in today's society. The movie was set in a city called Zootopia inhabited by anthropomorphic animals from all kinds of species. The city was meant to be a symbol of peace and harmony between predator and prey, but due to a series of unfortunate events, the relationship between the two types began to collide due to their differences.
This sort of issue was clearly seen throughout the movie as Judy Hopps, a bunny, was determined to change the system in which small preys are seen as weak and incapable of taking in roles meant for bigger and stronger animals. Despite the efforts being put in giving equal opportunities to different individuals, many still experience racial and gender discrimination.
With this being said, movies and TV shows possess the ability to educate and draw special attention to concerns faced by people in today's world and present them in a more artistic medium that would reach a wider audience.
Take for example the documentary show Our Planet, an eight-part Netflix series that was recently released in April of 2019 which showed some of the many natural wonders of the world and a number of unique creatures that inhabited Earth.
A simple 1 hour documentary on animals is enough to educate viewers about endangered species and spread an awareness on environmental issues. An Interesting thing about movies, is that it has the power to appeal to people's emotions, thus having an effect on an individual's way of thinking.
On the other hand, certain films can be perceived in many ways, but it is safe to assume that some movies or shows may contain certain elements that are not meant for a younger audience to see. Perhaps it is easy to assume that a simple Tom and Jerry cartoon where a cat attempts to catch a mouse through gruesome means is a form of humour.
However, some may argue that this can result in children having violent tendencies, or that a movie about a little mermaid who disobeyed her father to chase a man may encourage rebellion and create unrealistic expectations in romance. Similarly, the negative effects violent video games can have on young minds has become a debatable topic and although there is no clear evidence to prove it, a majority of people argue otherwise.
Nevertheless, this way of thinking depends on the individual, but whatever younger groups are fed coming from their screens will have a tendency to influence their perception of the world around them. Furthermore, some contents of a movie can also create the wrong image about certain people, places or animals.
Take for example movies such as Jaws and The Meg in which both films portrayed sharks to be aggressive man-eating creatures of the sea, but in truth, sharks are scientifically proven to be harmless to humans. Most attacks are only caused by sharks for mistaking the identity of swimmers and surfers from their natural prey.
As a result of these highly exaggerated films, sharks have developed a negative reputation and a majority of people believe more of what they see in movies and little of what importance these creatures have to marine life.
With the development of technology, the quality of each movie being produced has gotten better over the years. And with the popularity of films increasing rapidly, it's difficult to imagine living without a cinema close by to your own home.
With the massive revenue earned from film making, screen production has become a profitable industry that will continue to entertain and influence a massive audience for many more years to come. 

Toy Story 3 was a deeply moving film, one which left audiences in tears at the end.
Toy Story 3 was a deeply moving film, one which left audiences in tears at the end.
Zootopia addresses systemic issues of discrimination in an easy-to-understand manner, opening discussions between parents and children.
Zootopia addresses systemic issues of discrimination in an easy-to-understand manner, opening discussions between parents and children.

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