The next stop for bikers

The next stop for bikers
The cafe caters to a variety of customers, from sports enthusiasts to dedicated food-lovers.

Café Peloton opens its doors to foodies and bicycle enthusiasts alike

By Ayisha Alka

Published: Sat 31 Aug 2019, 4:18 PM

Last updated: Sun 1 Sep 2019, 6:28 PM

The year is 2019. Regular cafes, restaurants, skyscrapers and new developments have swarmed into Dubai. New initiatives have been taken - from smart initiatives belonging to the government's cut of the cake to short campaigns taken by privately owned businesses to push their brand and core message - whether food waste, uniting cat lovers or encouraging diversity of cultures.
There are selective locations that offer healthy options. But what if we told you there exists a café that dedicates itself to the cyclists' community? Helmet on, bicycle ready, lets ride into Café Peloton - your local hotspot for cyclists. Located in Jumeirah 3, the cosy café is a welcoming invitation for everyone to relax and rewind, but you might just step out feeling determined to grab a cycle and head around the world after a most delicious chia bowl.
There are a great number of cyclists in the UAE. These aspiring riders, whether pro or amateur, require proper nutrition to stay energetic whilst using this mode of transportation. Majed Saeed Melyouha, an ambitious one for cycles, owns the 7-month-old café - his interest for cycles branched out from it being a hobby in his early years.
"In order to be good in cycling, you need to have enough amount of sleep, a healthy balanced diet, sufficient and enough liquids and water to stay hydrated, especially in the UAE's scorching weather. This project was on my mind since 2016." Café Peloton attracts cyclists from near and far.
Famous professional cyclists, those who have even participated in the European Road Championship, visit the café for a nice drink - the love for a place that brings the cyclist community together, is not surprising. Melyouha believes that his greatest accomplishment gained from the café is this very achieved goal - to make Café Peloton a meeting point for cyclists. , Melyouha has managed to create a biking community, holding rallies with loyal customers and friends to encourage people to get active and build stamina.
For example, every Saturday, early morning rallies are held around Meydan, and small races are held to encourage local competition. "Sometimes, the prize is a free lunch or dinner, or its free bike service", he adds, pointing out that small prizes ensure that the competition remains friendly.
Peloton is a special term that not a lot of people may be aware of. "Peloton indicates the main group of cyclists in a race. Peloton is a term only applied in cycling and not any other sport. Even our café is spread among the Peloton. A number of pro riders visit Dubai because of the residence visa or for vacations; we receive a lot of messages from professional cyclists who wish to drop by the café and have a good time."
The café offers more than just food and drink - various biking accessories, and bicycles themselves, can be purchased from the café. Be it appropriate shoes, comfortable cycling wear, helmets, or other biking gear, café Peloton works as a one-stop shop for all bicycle and food enthusiasts.
Café Peloton is not just a space for people to grab a healthy bite, or replenish their energy after an invigorating bike ride; rather, Melyouha has combined three pillars - café, community, and retail - into one place.
The café is located on 52 Al Bailee Street, near Jumeirah 3.

The cafe caters to a variety of customers, from sports enthusiasts to dedicated food-lovers.
The cafe caters to a variety of customers, from sports enthusiasts to dedicated food-lovers.

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