The brand new i from Apple: iOS 6

Facebook integration, Siri upgrade and new navigation Maps with very smart, turn-by-turn voice navigation will leave tech addicts happy

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Published: Sat 23 Jun 2012, 10:30 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 12:02 PM

IT WAS THAT time of the year again last week, the annual World-Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) day when Apple has traditionally been showcasing its strides in the technology space.

This time too, it did not let tech addicts down when CEO Tim Cook, used the San Francisco event to announce the latest version of their new iOS mobile platform, the iOS6. The new baby rolls in gurgling some 200+ new features, UI upgrades and enhanced services that promises to take users to an altogether new high.

The iOS 6 key features include Facebook integration, Siri upgrade and new navigation Maps with a play to the gallery, very smart, turn-by-turn voice navigation. Apart from these there will be more advancements with the new VIP Mailbox, improved Safari with full-screen mode, new App store UI and the Music app.


The iOS6 will sport two new mailboxes apart from the regular one — VIP inbox and Flagged inbox. While the VIP inbox will simply show mails from Contacts you have marked as VIPs. So folks don’t worry, there is no way you can miss out on emails from the important ones! Also, VIP mails will always pop-up as notifications on the lock screen. The Flagged inbox works in a similar way — it will store messages which are flagged. One can also open password protected documents directly from within the Mail app.


One of the biggest features in the iOS6 is Apple’s own “in-house” navigation and maps. Apple Navigation leverages vector-based engine that boasts razor sharp graphics and fast zooming in/out and panning of maps. The maps come with a unique 3D view mode for navigation and a ‘Flyover’ mode that shows high-resolution, photo-realistic 3D views of major landmarks and monuments. Driving promises to be less stressful even for the most directionally challenged among us. In certain countries, users will also get turn-by-turn voice navigation and real-time traffic updates that work even if the phone screen is locked!


For iOS6, Siri will work on the new iPad as well (so its no longer restricted to iPhone 4). Siri in now intelligent and smart and can address queries related to movies, sports, restaurants and hotels. One can also get movie ratings, access reviews, find restaurants or get real-time scores from live sports events. And yes, use Siriis hands-free so you can give verbal commands to launch any app you wish to run. Siri now speaks Canadian English, Spanish (Spain/Mexico), Italian, Italian (Switzerland), Korean, Mandarin (Chinese/Taiwan), Cantonese (Hong Kong).


Facebook has now been fullyintegrated into iOS6– similar to Twitter integration in iOS5. Once logged onto a Facebook account in the settings page, one can instantly share links, photos, locations, match scores et al. Also Facebook contacts will get synced with iOS contacts while the calendar entries will get synced with the iOS calendar app.


Apple’s native Safari is now better coupled with iCloud. Safari can save full web pages to the device (instead of just the links) for offline reading and also brandishes a full-screen view. The iCloud Tabs feature helps open tabs opened in first device to be automatically on the second one when one is switching between devices.


Some of the other features include - Passbook e-ticket app (which handles loyalty coupons, boarding passes, tickets), Photo app (which can share photos with other iOS users), new UI for the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, Music, improved privacy settings,Do Not Disturb and Lost phone modes.

The iOS6 will go live only in the next three months, a period in which competitors Android and Windows phone will already have pushed the JellyBean 5 and the Apollo respectively into the market, to get a beginner’s advantage. But if we know Apple fans well, they will wait for the iOS6 anyways!

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