Tea break costs truck driver Dh10,000 in capital

MOHAMMED, a trailer driver from Abu Dhabi, said a few days back he was fined Dh10,000 by the Abu Dhabi Traffic Police as he parked his vehicle to have a tea break. He was told by the police that in case he failed to pay the fine, he would go to jail. The violation, according to him, was that he was overtaking from the wrong side. He complained: “First of all, I did not overtake from the wrong side, and second, how could they fine me Dh10,000?

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Published: Mon 19 Jun 2006, 11:09 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:23 PM


THE complainant probably did not understand what the police told him. The Dh10,000 fine is for those who evade undergoing the axel weight procedure which is carried out by the Abu Dhabi Police at the entry checkpoints of the emirate. The law, which fines violators Dh10,000 was introduced last year. The fine for wrong overtaking is far less than that amount, depending on the amount of danger or damage caused by the motorist, but never reaches Dh10,000, according to Abu Dhabi Traffic Police.

School buses without air-conditioners

A PARENT whose child studies at the Arab Unity School in Dubai has complained that one schoolbus does not have proper air-conditioning facility, causing inconvenience to the children in this heat. Some children also vomit because of the unbearable high temperatures, the parent said. When the complain was lodged at the school, the management assured they would change the bus next year. “But, until then, our children are suffering,” according to the parent.


THE school principal, however, has ruled out any promise made to buy a new bus fleet. She said that each year, the school purchases about two to three new buses and tries to use them to the furthest travel point. We have children coming from as far as Jumeirah, Gardens, Sharjah and Ajman, and therefore try to use buses in good working condition and fairly new on the longer routes in the interest of children coming to school from such far-off places.

About non-functioning of air-conditioner in one of the buses, she said that often children keep the windows open or due to constant opening and closing of the doors, it may affect the cooling in the bus and the children may feel uncomfortable. But, all our buses are in up-to-date condition, she said, adding: “I am personally concerned about children’s health, specially during the summer months.”

Non-payment of salary

IBRAHIM Hussain, complained about his company Mech Watt Electro Mechanical not paying his two months salary.


SPEAKING to Khaleej Times, his employer Mr Mandon promised to give the two months salary when Hussain approaches the management and asks for his money.

Flat listed available on web site taken

AHMED, an apartment-aspirant in Abu Dhabi, complained that he saw a flat on the web site of the Department of Social Services and Commercial Buildings in the morning and when he went to the department to check and see the flat, they told him that the flat was already taken. He asked: “How could it be.”


THERE is an acute problem of apartment shortage and thousands are searching. Many apartment-aspirants almost visit the department everyday and round-the clock and the moment an apartment is displayed on the system, tens of those present would start struggling to get it. The supply and demand now governs the property market where the hike in rents has already forced many families to leave the country. Those who cannot afford are now opting for shared apartments after sending their families back home. The only solution is to check everyday.

Air India telephone kept off the hook

SHYAM, a customer of Air india called up the Khaleej Times hotline complaining that he had called up the Air India phone number several times, but it is always busy and he could not reach them. “It is not possible for me to go to the Air India office for each information I need. I went once to the Air India office and I had seen that the phone receiver was kept off the hook,” he said. He added that the staff of the airline company should not keep the phone receiver off the hook as this creates inconvenience for customers.


WHEN contacted, an official from Air India said: “We never keep the phone receiver off the hook. It is peak season and many people call for information. This is why it is busy most of the times. If the customer cannot reach us through telephone, they have another option of e-mailing us at reservations@airindiadubai.ae. We will send all the information required,” the official added.

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