Tanmia to boost jobs for locals in insurance

DUBAI - With less than four per cent of the total employees in the insurance sector are UAE nationals, the National Human Resources Development and Employment Authority Tanmia is aiming to increase this number to 15 per cent by the end of the year as per the cabinet resolution.

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Published: Thu 29 Jan 2004, 11:55 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 2:30 AM

This target will be achieved through specialised training and partnership programmes with insurance companies, said Dr Abdulrahman Al Awar, Tanmia Director General.

Speaking at a conference held by Tanmia to address officials of the insurance sector in the UAE and to discuss ways to increase participation of the insurance sector in the government's ongoing Emiratisation programme, Dr Al Awar said: "Tanmia is constantly exploring new avenues to increase participation of UAE nationals in the private sector, especially in the insurance industry.

"The insurance sector is a competitive and thriving market in the UAE, with the presence of many established global players. We have identified it as one of the key sectors in the Emiratisation campaign. This conference serves to highlight ways in which Tanmia can cooperate with insurance companies by offering training, recruitment and other services to help them meet their human resource requirements.

"The employment of UAE nationals is critical to addressing the current imbalance in the labour market. This conference is an important step in bringing together Tanmia and UAE nationals at a common platform to discuss ways in which we can work together. We are confident that this will help us achieve a better response from the insurance sector," added Dr Al Awar.

The conference also highlighted ways in which the insurance sector could benefit from Tanmia's services. Industry officials were addressed on the various recruitment and training programmes conducted by Tanmia to help companies select the right candidate for filling vacancies.

"Tanmia currently offers numerous industry specific training courses under our new 'Maharat' programme to equip UAE nationals with the skills needed in this sector. Under the Maharat programme, nationals selected by organisation can receive job-oriented training. We have successfully created customised modules aimed at enhancing the skills that have direct relevance to their jobs.

"This will be an important step towards ensuring that UAE nationals feel comfortable doing their jobs in the insurance industry," said Ayesh Al Barguthi, Director of Employment & Skills Development Centre, Tanmia.

"To make the insurance sector more attractive to nationals, the government has offered the industry the option of a two-day weekend. They can opt for a Thursday-Friday holiday or a Friday-Saturday holiday.

"In addition, we have also directed companies to adopt working in straight shift to ensure maximum productivity. I would like to emphasise that determining the number of working hours is not a new development as it is in accordance with the labour law. We believe that this is the right solution to bridging the gap between job vacancies in the insurance sector and potential UAE job-seekers," concluded Dr Al Awar.

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