Take students or face action, warns ministry

FUJAIRAH — The Ministry of Education has directed the headmistress of Al Bahr Elementary School to absorb the 75 additional students allotted to the school following distribution of students in the emirate as per the geographical location of their residences in conjunction with the proximity of schools.

By Salah Al Debarki

Published: Wed 31 Aug 2005, 10:17 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 3:29 PM

The headmistress had earlier refused to absorb the students, citing shortage of classrooms to accommodate them. The school reopens on Saturday.

The ministry made it clear that if she insisted on not carrying out the orders, she would be transferred to the educational zone and the assistant headmistress would take over and accept the students.

“The school will start on Saturday and the students will attend the first day at school, as the current capacity of 23 classrooms is enough to absorb them. I assure the parents that their children will be accepted, failing which the headmistress will face legal action,” Jomaa Khalfan Al Kindy, Director of Fujairah Educational Zone told Khaleej Times.

“If the number of students exceed the capacity, then the classrooms used for extra curricular activities will be allotted for the new students,” he added.

The stand-off between FEZ and the school administration erupted with the zone insisting that the ministry’s instructions regarding re-distribution of students according to the location of their residences will be carried out, and headmistress refusing to follow the instructions.

“Before the re-distribution of students, we had 19 classrooms. Now, we need four more classrooms and we have no halls. The nearby Al Marishid school, which is approximately five km away from our school, can accommodate them,” she said, adding that Al Marishid school administration was willing to absorb the 75 students of grades four and five.

The educational zone, however, rejected the proposal even though it was a convenient solution,” she said, adding that she had also requested the zone director not to impose a certain school on parents and to give them the freedom of choice, particularly since all Fujairah schools are near to each other and within a radius of six kilometres.

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