Tailoring dreams with determination

Tailoring dreams with determination
Farzana Shah, UAE-based businesswoman and owner of FS Tailoring

UAE-based businesswoman and owner of FS Tailoring, Farzana Shah, adds on to the growing list of strong and independent women in Dubai

By Micah Aguilar

Published: Wed 14 Aug 2019, 2:21 PM

Last updated: Wed 14 Aug 2019, 4:24 PM

On March 2019, a humble tailoring shop opened its doors to the public at the Meena Bazaar in Al Fahidi specialising in dresses and costumes made with colours, fabric, and a strong passion of an aspiring fashion designer. Farzana Shah is the proud owner of a tailoring shop called FS Tailoring - a product of her years of practice as a seamstress and her dream to become an established fashion designer.
Before opening her own business, Farzana worked as a teacher for two schools including Pristine Private School where she designed costumes for students performing at their school's concert. Eventually, many have become familiar of her work until she began designing for other schools as well. "It first started off as a hobby, then I began doing it as a part-time creating costumes for different school events," she said.
However, before she began designing costumes for schools and starting her own tailoring business, Farzana first learnt how to sew as a young girl and later attending an institute in Pakistan where she learned more about stitching and eventually honing her own style in designing and tailoring.
"For the future I hope to establish my own brand and make a name for myself as a designer, and this shop is small stepping stone for me achieving my goals," she said. Currently, FS Tailoring has established quite a popular reputation in the area with regular customers coming from all kinds of nationalities including Indians, Pakistanis and Arabs.
Additionally, the shop provides all kinds of tailoring and stitching services (such as school uniforms, public service uniforms, dresses, costumes, etc.) and is more than happy to cater to any urgent need for alterations and stitching.
With numerous businesses competing with one another, starting up your own business can prove to be a challenge especially for the veteran tailor who is a single mother of three children living in the UAE. When asked about her experience in pursuing her own business venture, she replied, "A lot of people didn't believe that I wouldn't be able to open my own shop and some told me that I wouldn't last very long as a business woman. But I didn't let their negative comments get in the way of my dream."
She then added that her main sources of encouragement in pursuing her dreams are her children, who believed in what she can do and supported her since the beginning of her journey until today. As of today, FS Tailoring is slowly growing into a fine business it was first envisioned to be, and Farzana's story remains as an inspiration for those who are seeking to pursue their own ambitions to be strong against anything that stands in the way of them achieving their goals.
"Don't let anyone discourage you in going after your dreams. Be smart and don't be afraid to face any challenges that come your way and maintain a positive outlook in life. If you think you have the talent or the skill for it, use it," she concludes.

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