Swimmers feel safe with lifeguards

Swimmers feel safe with lifeguards

Abu Dhabi - Keeping swimmers safe during the time is a challenge during these hot months.


Ashwani Kumar

Published: Sun 20 May 2018, 12:05 AM

Summer is here and as temperatures soar, a dip in swimming pools is a refreshing way to beat the heat. And not surprisingly every summer, clubs across the UAE see a surge in a number of pool users.
Hence, keeping swimmers safe during the time is a challenge during these hot months. 
At the Abu Dhabi Country Club, there are a set of lifeguards at both indoor and outdoor pools to make guests feel safer.
Julius, Carl and Chris - the team of three lifeguards at the outdoor pool got a method to manage the big number of swimmers.
"There is a main pool and a separate area for kids to swim and enjoy. When it gets busy, we have our areas of responsibilities," Julius said.
"We divide the pool into three. We can then easily monitor the swimmers and reduce the risk. Let's say we have 50 kids on a day, and then we will divide them into three units. By doing so, we are then able to monitor a bigger number than usual in an efficient way."
The trio does get involved in others areas when the need arises. "Sometimes you cannot manage everything perfectly. There will always be a blind spot," he said demonstrating the situation.
"It would be right underneath me, yet I wont be able to notice it. If the other lifeguard is standing across me, it is much easier for him to see the situation, step in and help. 
"This is our way of managing the situation. This is teamwork," Julius said about the nature of work, followed by the trio from the Philippines.
The lifeguards are all trained to manage an emergency situation. "We are all certified lifeguards. In case of emergency, we give first aid and CPR," Carl said.
Talking about difficulties in managing affairs, Chris said at times kids can be very naughty.
"Some kids will not listen to us and will ask why they should obey rules. We have to manage all kind of guests. Our older members don't like noise as they wish to just relax and youngsters are difficult to quieten," Chris added.
Lifeguards like Julius, Carl and Chris are stationed across the UAE clubs to make swimming safe and enjoyable.
The trio just has one advice for all swimming pool users: "Please follow the safety rules and regulations."

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