Surgery successful on Saudi baby's rare skin condition

Surgery successful on Saudi babys rare skin condition
One and a half year old Saudi baby Aleen Al Hanif

Dubai - The big birthmark covers the child's entire right, with the skin entirely black and covered in hair.


Ankita Chaturvedi

Published: Sun 27 Nov 2016, 9:33 PM

Almost two months after her examination at American Academy Cosmetic Surgery Hospital (AACSH), one and a half year old Saudi baby Aleen Al Hanif, who suffers from a giant congenital nevus (mole) on her body, went through the first stage of nevus extraction surgery two days back.
One hour of sensitive treatment included removal of 15 les-ions from the face, legs and left arm. The big birthmark covers the child's entire right, with the skin entirely black and covered in hair.
One of the chief surgeons involved in the case, Dr Matteo Vigo, said: "It is particularly a very challenging case for us as the black patch is quite big and the clean skin is very less on the body, but we have successfully accomplished the first stage of the surgery. I must admit that the little girl is just fantastic and very cooperative."
He also confirmed that the next surgery can be done only after a 3-6 month gap. Dr Vigo added: "It's better we wait for the second stage as she is too young to cope with the series of surgeries. I can't say how many rounds will be required, as the mole is really big and it is on different parts of her body. But, surely I can say that by the time she turns a teenager, she will get free from it."
According to the doctor, this condition is not rare in this part of the world as he is already dealing with two similar cases and a colleague in the hospital is also handling two such cases.
Around two months back when baby Aleen's father Faisal Al Hanif reached American Academy Cosmetic Surgery Hospital (AACSH) in Dubai through social media, he gained some confidence about his child's recovery.
After the first successful attempt by the doctors, he got so emotional that he went to the recovery room immediately after the operation and hugged his daughter tightly.
"I was a little scared but was confident about the doctors here. I am very thankful to them for the support. I am happy that my daughter will become normal after the treatment here."
Support group
The hospital is also planning to make a club or support group where patients with similar conditions can connect with each-other. Dr Jeehan Abdul Qadir, executive chairperson at AACSH said: "Through this group, people can talk and discuss the problem and its treatment. We got almost 150 enquiries after we started this baby's treatment, so this club might help them deal with the problem.
To make sure that Aleen is absolutely fit and fine to travel, she has been asked to stay in Dubai for few more days. The family will return to Saudi Arabia on Monday.

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