Summer camp for children

DUBAI — The Children’s City will, in co-ordination with Kellogg’s, organise “Murshid Children’s Summer Camp for age group three to 12 years from June 25 to August 31, 2005 the Creek Park.

By A Staff Reporter

Published: Tue 14 Jun 2005, 10:17 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:58 PM

The Summer Camp will provide wide range of entertainment, educational and sport activities through various facilities at the Children’s City, in addition to recreational and educational trips to different places including to Kids’ World. Children will also be able to enjoy computers, art, talent competitions, music, cinema, dance, sport, competitions, games and live entertainment.

The participating children will have opportunities to enjoy many other activities such as play station, creative competition, skiing, cricket, educational games and swimming. They will also be able to benefit from educational games, in addition to the films at the planetarium and useful scientific stories. Children will be divided into different groups according to their ages. The programme will be held from Saturday to Wednesday.

Children in the age group of four to 12 years of age, whose birthdays fall within the months of June, July and August, can celebrate their birthdays at the Children’s City during the group birthday parties. Makiya Al Hajiri, Head of Children’s City urged the parents to call on 04-3340808 or 050-4828480 or send emails to to register the names of their children for the group birthday parties.

The Children’s City has also prepared a number of programmes for its visitors during the Summer Surprises, especially for families. The programmes include innovative family contests, which will provide them lot of fun and entertainment.

She said the first contest, called “My Country’s Flag”, will have people bringing flower bouquets in the colours of their country’s flags. The bouquets, which can be natural or artificial, should be delivered before June 23, at Children’s City.

On all Wednesdays throughout the Summer Surprises, the Children’s City Theatre will host from 6.30pm to 8.30pm a programme called Dubai Danat Al Dunya. The third contest, Model Family, will be organised at the same place on Fridays from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

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