SUBWAY celebrates UAE National Day with Sandwich Week

SUBWAY celebrates UAE National Day with Sandwich Week

Customers visiting SUBWAY® restaurants between November 26 – December 2nd, will get vouchers valid till year end including a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on December 2nd to mark the UAE National Day.

SUBWAY celebrates UAE National Day with Sandwich Week

To celebrate UAE’s 43rdNational Day, SUBWAY® Restaurants announced a week of celebrations under the title National Sandwich Week. The sandwich and salad chain announced that it will be offering a generous discount on all 6-inch sandwiches for one week to celebrate sandwich lovers in the UAE. Furthermore, customers visiting SUBWAY® restaurants between November 26 – December 2nd, will get vouchers valid till year end including a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on December 2ndto mark the UAE National Day.

“This week of celebration is mainly to thank all of our customers for their loyalty. We’ve chosen this period of time to extend our regards to our nation for where we stand now. We aim to have this National Sandwich Week on a yearly basis with different activities and surprises every year” said Marwan A. Al Hamar, SUBWAY® UAE Development agent and multi-unit owner.

SUBWAY celebrates UAE National Day with Sandwich Week

The chain announced that it’s on its way to marking another milestone – the opening of its 43,000thlocation. It now has a presence in 107 countries, providing approximately 390,000 jobs to Sandwich Artists™ around the world. Serving more than 2.8 billion sandwiches a year, with over 37 million possible sandwich combinations, the chain is proudly present in the UAE with more than 160 locations – surpassing the number of outlets of any other QSR chain.

With customization being a cornerstone of the SUBWAY® experience, customers can watch and direct the construction of their sandwich from bread to condiments, along with choosing from a wide selection of meats, cheeses and produce. From the low-fat SUBWAY Club™ or Chicken Teriyaki to the indulgent Italian BMT™ or Steak & Cheese, SUBWAY® restaurants have a sandwich for just about anyone’s preference.

“We thank all UAE nationals and residents for their loyalty and for enabling us to grow the brand and serve them better. We’ve been open and operating for more than 15 years, serving high quality products on freshly baked bread allowing customers to build their sandwiches to their likings every time. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and give them an occasion to celebrate with us during this National Sandwich Week” said Hicham Ghazal, SUBWAY® Head of Marketing for Middle East & Africa region.

SUBWAY celebrates UAE National Day with Sandwich Week

SUBWAY®By the Numbers

·SUBWAYÒPresident and Co-founder Fred DeLuca started the business with a $1,000 loan from a family friend, Dr. Peter Buck. His intention was to earn enough money from the sandwich business to pay for his college tuition.

·Worldwide,SUBWAYÒrestaurants serve more than 5,300 sandwiches every 60 seconds or 320,000 sandwiches an hour.

·There are more than 37 million possible sandwich combinations available on theSUBWAY®menu.

·In addition to traditionalSUBWAY®locations, there are more than 9,000 non-traditionalSUBWAY®restaurants (as of May 7, 2014) located in places such as airports, convenience stores, grocery stores, hospitals, amusement parks, zoos, school cafeterias, and many other types of locations – there are even Subway restaurants in Laundromats, and automobile dealership.

·If you place all of the sandwiches made bySUBWAYÒrestaurants in a year, end to end, they would wrap around the Earth 14 times.

·If placed end to end, all the cucumbers thatSUBWAY®restaurants serve in a year would stretch a distance of 5,600 miles.

·If all the peppers used annually bySUBWAY®restaurants worldwide were placed end to end they would span the length of the Nile River- twice!

·The originalSUBWAYÒsandwiches did not include lettuce. Today, theSUBWAYÒchain uses approximately 16 acres of lettuce a day! That’s the equivalent to more than 35 football fields of lettuce.

SUBWAY celebrates UAE National Day with Sandwich Week

·If you take all of the cheese that is produced forSUBWAYÒrestaurants in a year and place each slice end to end, they will reach half way to the moon and would cover more than 600 thousand official size hockey rinks.

·If walking single file, all of the cows needed to produce enough milk to make the cheese forSUBWAYÒrestaurants would create a line that was more than 50 miles long.

·The manufacturing ofSUBWAYÒcookies requires the services of 46,602 busy hens working around the clock. The average hen lays an egg once every 26 hours, or 309 eggs per year and it takes 14.4 million eggs to net the required 1.6 million pounds of eggs needed to make enough dough for a year’s worth ofSUBWAYÒcookies.

·TheSUBWAY®chain uses more than 300 million heads of lettuce per year--enough to stretch 29 thousand miles.

To date, SUBWAY® has more than 2,200 new locations this year—about half are in international markets. The first SUBWAY® restaurant outside of the U.S. opened in the Middle Eastern nation of Bahrain in 1984. In accordance with local customs, the food at SUBWAY® restaurants in the region is Halal. Pork products are not served and items such as ham and bacon are substituted by similar offerings made from lamb, chicken or turkey.

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