Strengthening bilateral relations

Strengthening bilateral relations
Muhammad Iqbal Dawood, President, Pakistan Business Council Dubai and Managing Director, Abu Mousa Motors

Muhammad Iqbal Dawood, President, Pakistan Business Council, thinks a strong relationship between the two countries creates a window of opportunity

By Ayisha Alka

Published: Wed 14 Aug 2019, 10:44 AM

Last updated: Wed 14 Aug 2019, 12:50 PM

Pakistan and the UAE have always collaborated actively in terms of a healthy trade and investment relationship. The two countries boast a suitable level of business potential, adjoining the UAE's fully flourished and developing infrastructure along with a rich agricultural region, resulting in the opening of fresh business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors; with a robust relationship bound by the ever-promising trust of two countries, comes opportunity and the growth of a stronger economy.
The Pakistan Business Council (PBC) in Dubai aims to maintain a strong connection between the two countries since the very beginning of its growth. Bridging the two nations that have their own individual objectives and ideologies would build a stronger mutual wall of trust and benefit for one and all. 
"This is a business association where we handle development plans and investment opportunities, aiding the Pakistani nationals who decide in the UAE. Not only do we inform them of possible business ventures, but we also arrange meetings between government officials and aim to promote Pakistan and UAE business as well as investments in Pakistan and UAE," said Muhammad Iqbal Dawood, President of Pakistan Business Council.
The council has received requests from various countries to seep through the window of opportunity in trading with Pakistan - this benefits the country all the more as an increasing number wish to form new partnerships. Dawood sees this as a huge achievement for PBC.
"Many people came to us from Holland, Egypt and other countries - they want to invest in Pakistan as they see it as a growing land for trade. Board meetings are usually discussed that include governors, boards of industries as well as Abdul Razak Dawood, Advisor for Commerce, Textile, Industry and Production, and Investment in Pakistan. We arrange many meetings, future arrangements and programmes between leaders and thus, create more ideas that makes everyone confide in us."
Members of the PBC are industry players well versed in the business sector and are highly qualified in terms of various business fields, including chartered accounts, imports and exports, general trading, real estate brokers and much more.
He added: "Moreover, we have had meetings with concerned departments in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and so on. Whatever necessities are required by anybody, PBC puts in enough effort in arranging sources."
Both UAE and Pakistan have strong business potential in various sectors. With Dubai having a stark development in terms of infrastructure, the coming of the AI industry and the logistics sector, and Pakistan growing immensely well in the agricultural quota, there are endless possibilities to build, invest and cultivate. 
"Dubai, infrastructure wise, is highly developed. And the logistics business has top class facilities. Pakistan is best taking the role of exporters. They have lucrative opportunities here. They can use Dubai as a hub and reexport centre; we inform them about the cheapest rates - from freezones from storage facilities in Dubai and Pakistan, labour costs too are very cheap. Likewise, if residents in Dubai want to invest in Pakistan, dairy industry, cattle farming, textile, there are lots of possibilities," he added.
Expo 2020 participation
Dawood is ecstatic regarding Pakistan's participation for Expo 2020 Dubai, saying he is 'hopeful' that here will be an immense contribution on behalf of Pakistan in terms of utilising the facilities Dubai has to offer.
He said: "Many Pakistanis are involved in the property sector, food stuff, textile, etc. Everyone is ready to finalise the full design of Pakistan's agenda and vision in various sectors. The Pakistani government too taking full interest, and I think it will be a very good pavilion. At the moment, Dubai is supposed to be the 'gateway to the West' for us. In terms of image, culture and facilities, the exposure here [Dubai] is really good. Pakistanis are every keen to take an advantage of this, because it [Expo 2020] a huge event."
The President, along with his team at the PBC, plan on developing and implementing strong policies that will create coordination between Pakistan and the UAE. "In every field, we will be ready to create something new," he concluded.

Become a PBC member 
Those interested can apply for membership via the online form on the PBC official website, or contact Ms. Ellanie, Office Manager, on or. Shahid Iftikhar, Executive Assistant, on for further assistance.
Membership categories
Category A: Dubai-based Pakistani Corporate Business Membership
Membership in this category is open to Pakistani businesses registered in Dubai, either independently or in affiliation with a UAE National or with a UAE Corporate body.
Category B: Dubai-based Pakistani Individual Membership
Membership in this category is open to all Pakistani nationals who are working in Dubai, except individuals that qualify as the representative of Dubai based Pakistani Corporate Member.
Objectives of Pakistan Business Council, Dubai
Promote trade, commerce and investment between the two countries.
Facilitate businessmen who are interested in investing in Dubai and other free zones in the UAE in all possible ways by providing them information in various avenues.
Introduce Pakistani products to business houses in the UAE, especially in Dubai for investment and for joint venture in Pakistan.
Organise exhibitions in Dubai to promote Pakistani products is another salient feature. At PBC Dubai exhibit, chamber members can participate and display their products 

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