Stories of women in Quran exemplary

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Stories of women in Quran exemplary

DUBAI — The stories of women in the Quran are so illuminating that they enlighten us about ways to deal with all present-day issues related to women far away from argument and disputes.

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Published: Tue 31 Jul 2012, 8:16 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 2:21 PM

This was stated by popular scholar Dr Sheikh Ibrahim Alduwaish in his lecture as part of the lectures programme of the 11th session of the Ramadan Forum at Al Twar on Sunday night.

In his speech titled ‘Stories of women in the Quran’, the Saudi preacher said the Quran features 28 stories of women, of whom some deserve to be taken as an example while others are disobedient and deserve punishment.

“The stories about women in the Holy Quran consist of an integrated heavenly system suitable for all aspects of life that we need to learn from to smoothly handle issues related to women these days.”

Explaining, he said the Quran talks in detail about the position, rights, duties, and roles of women as part of many stories to learn from them and follow them.

“Most of those who claim to be defending women’s rights have actually participated in abusing her body. Mass media have further degraded her from the high position she is ranked by Islam.” Dr Alduwaish affirmed that every story of the 28 mentioned in the Quran spotlights certain aspects related to women. “Women need to refer to the Quran for guidance for happiness in life here and the hereafter.” Narrating some of these stories, Dr Alduwaish talked about Virgin Mary and Khadija, first wife of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) as examples of good women, and the wives of prophets Noah and Lot as the bad ones.

“The story of Eve, mother of all mankind, gives a shining example of integration between men and women, and how they should gently and mercifully treat, respect and cooperate with each other, as affirmed in the Quran. “If men and women deeply mull over the story of Adam and Eve in the Quran, we won’t see this disastrous increase in cases of divorce and court disputes,” he added.

Dr Alduwaish indicated how the Quran has outstandingly depicted the stories of the wives of Prophets Noah and Lot as an example of betrayal to be punished with hell fire as compared to the story of Pharaoh’s wife as a shining example of faith to be rewarded with paradise.

“Very enlightening are also the stories of the infertility of Prophet Zachariah’s wife, and how they surrendered to God’s will and did their best until granted Yahya (John), the patience of Prophet Ayub’s (Job) wife to his diseases, as well as the stories of Prophet Musa’s (Moses) mother, and Prophet Yusuf’s (Joseph) mother, and the wife of Egypt’s premier.”

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