Sticking posters, bills in UAE can get you deported

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Sharjah - Residents have been asked to inform authorities.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Tue 25 Feb 2020, 5:57 PM

Those found distributing or sticking posters and bills illegally will be deported, the Sharjah Police have warned as they stepped up their crackdown on such violators.

Major General Saif Al Zeri Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, said the department has teamed up with the Sharjah Municipality to intensify inspections to catch hold of the illegal advertisers after it received complaints from residents of Al Rahmaniya area.

The police patrols would first zero in on the most affected areas and track advertisers' phone numbers to hold them legally accountable, Al Shamsi pointed out. He added that residents must inform the authorities concerned even if they find the posters in front of their doors, so that administrative and legal action can be taken against them, and the illegal activity eliminated. He urged the public to report the illegal advertisers to the police by calling 901.

The top cop underlined that necessary steps will be taken to deport such violators, while disclosing that a number of them had already been shunted out of the country.

The Sharjah Municipality has deployed 50 inspectors across the city to clamp down on illegal sticking and posting of advertisement on walls and buildings. The civic body has cleaned and removed many unauthorised billboards, posters and other advertisements. The inspectors have already issued fines to 46 individuals and companies found sticking posters and bills.

A top official at the Sharjah Municipality said based on a decision by the Sharjah Executive Council regarding the regulation of outdoor advertisements in the emirate, the municipality -- in coordination with Sharjah Police -- has launched a campaign to curb the violation. The decision stipulates that the municipality is the local competent authority for granting permits for external advertisements. It is not allowed for an individual or a company to put up advertising materials without obtaining permit from the municipality or the executive council. According to the decision, it is forbidden to place outdoor advertisement in the following places: Places of worship, archaeological buildings, government buildings as well as any religious, historical or cultural buildings, public facilities, any places that impede traffic or visibility on the road.

Mohammed Al Kaabi, head of the city's cleanliness control department at the municipality, said continuous inspection campaigns will be held to monitor and remove all distortions to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the city. "The municipality is keen to remove all distortions such as illegal billboards installed in various areas to promote the sale or lease of land, or anything else. The  phenomenon of illegal advertisements has  recently been increased in the city. Stickers, posters, billboards and pamphlets that advertise sale of items or lease of bed spaces and residential units covered the walls of buildings, electric posts, telephone booths etc," he said.

Al Kaabi said that the municipality would continue its inspection targeting the violators. "We will not let those found sticking bills and stickers on walls go free. The violators will face Dh4,000 fine."

"We have formed teams of inspectors who drive around the city to monitor these practices, which mostly is rampant in Rolla, Al Nahda, Al Qasimiya and Arouba commercial and residential areas."

Al Kaabi urged residents not to respond to these ads as most of them could cause troubles. "These are unauthorised advertisements and have no credibility or accountability. Residents can cooperate with the municipality to prevent such practices by reporting them by contacting the municipality's hotline number 993," added Al Kaabi.

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