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Speeding motorist almost knocks down student crossing road in UAE

Speeding motorist, Abu Dhabi, school bus stop sign

Abu Dhabi - The child saw the car and ran back.


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Wed 4 Sep 2019, 5:44 PM

Some motorists deliberately ignore the stop signs extended from buses, some teachers have complained. Methchie Quiuinonez, the teacher in charge of students' safety at Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Bangladeshi School, said drivers continue to do this despite knowing it is a traffic violation.

"This is a dangerous habit. Drivers should learn to respect the stop signs on school buses for the safety of the children," she said.

Quiuinonez said she saw a speeding driver almost knock down a student. "I was really shocked by this driver's behaviour. The bus had stopped to drop off a child at her home. The driver, who was speeding, ignored it and just overtook the bus. He almost hit the child who was about to cross the road. But luckily the child saw the car and ran back."

She was speaking to Khaleej Times after the Abu Dhabi Police announced they would be installing cameras on all 7,000 buses in Abu Dhabi to catch those who ignore the stop signs.

Thakur Mulchandani, principal of Sunrise Private School, welcomed the police's move to introduce cameras on the buses. "It will ensure students' safety. At our school, our buses are already equipped with surveillance cameras."


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