Sparks fly over expulsion of 
sick students 

RAS AL KHAIMAH — Two children 
suffering from diabetes and skin diseases were last week expelled from a private kindergarten school in Ras Al Khaimah.

By Sebugwaawo Ismail

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Published: Thu 30 Sep 2010, 1:03 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 9:21 AM

The expulsion of the children was due to fear by the school management of bearing the responsibility of taking care of children with chronic diseases or unusual sicknesses.

The RAK Educational Zone, however, condemned the decision taken by the school to expel the sick children.

The children who were expelled included a four-year-old Emirati boy, Abdul Rahman Rashid, who was diagnosed diabetic and a four-year-old Yemen boy who had skin rashes on his face and on one side of his neck and part of the head.

Rashid’s mother said that the school management expelled her son on Thursday after being diagnosed that he was diabetic. The school told the Emirati mother that they had cancelled her son’s name from the school register and advised her to take him to another school as they would not risk taking responsibility of the child’s health while at school.

The Emirati noted that she was shocked by the school’s decision to expel her son due to the mere fact that the boy was suffering from diabetes, stressing that this disease does not prevent a child from schooling.

She said that her son has been suffering from diabetes since the time of birth but he has been in good health and that there were no worries about his condition because of the fact that he was diabetic.

Rashid’s mother said that the school’s expulsion decision was not justifiable as she had proposed to the management that she would hire a private nurse to accompany her son and take care of him while at school whenever he suffered from health problems but the management rejected her proposal.

Abdul Rahman, a Yemen national and father of the second boy who was expelled from the school, said that the school management refused to take back his son despite getting instructions from the Educational Zone to reverse their decision.

He said that although the school administrators said that his child may transmit the skin disease to other children, medical reports indicated that the disease was not contagious.

The director of the school confirmed the expulsion of the sick children from the school and stressed that they had advised the Emirati mother to take her child to another kindergarten as for them they could not bear the responsibility taking good care or monitor him while at school given the fact that he is diabetic.

She also noted that Rashid’s parents did not inform the school that their child was diabetic during the time of his enrollment in the school.

The school management had decided not to enroll students with chronic diseases or unusual health symptoms after one child got unconscious during the beginning of the previous academic year and fell in front of other children.

“The child who was in bad condition was given first-aid before they called his parents to take him to the hospital. The parents told the management that the child was suffering from diabetes,” she said.

She stressed that the school decided not to accept the responsibilities of taking care of sick children in order to avoid the possible legal problems as children may have serious health problems while at school.

Dr Ahmed Butti, from the Special Education Department at RAK Educational Zone, has condemned the school management’s decision to expel the sick children and stressed that they advised the school management to reverse their decision and take back the Yemeni child who was expelled because he was having skin rashes.

He, however, noted that schools have the right not to enroll children with chronic diseases especially when the management fears that such children may cause them problems when they become unconscious which can even result in death while at school.

The official has advised the parents of the diabetic child to take him to another school with special care which will monitor him and also bear the responsibility of taking good care of his health while at school.

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