Spare a visit to Syria by visiting Syrian Pavilion

DUBAI — The Syrian Pavilion at Global Village can spare the visitor a trip to Syria for it comprises all kinds of Syrian goods and it is reminiscent of Syrian traditions.

By A Staff Reporter (DSF SPECIAL)

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Published: Thu 1 Feb 2007, 9:45 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 2:24 AM

Syria is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world; the Syrian people are friendly and peace loving. “Every person has two homelands, his own and Syria, for our country can be home to anybody visiting this great nation. We welcome them with our unique hospitality and make sure they are completely at home in our country,” said a Syrian national at the Syrian Pavilion at Global Village.

The facade of the Syrian Pavilion is an interesting combination of several important sites in Syria. There are parts of the Al Heer Palace, the Al Azem Palace and the Aleppo Castle. For a country that is proud of its history, the various museums, palaces and monuments are of paramount importance and a matter of great national pride.

Syria is famous for its embroideries, the antiques, copper and silver creations, furniture, women’s clothing, children’s dresses, leather products and fashion jewellery. Also famous are the Syrian herbs with immense medicinal value and traditional sweets from Syria. All these are on display at the Syrian Pavilion.

Sweets from Syria are high on the list of tourist shopping, for travellers to Syria never forget to take back with them samples of these traditional Syrian sweets to be given as presents from this exciting land.

Leather from Syria is genuine and derived out of the purest raw materials and the products include leather bags, wallets, belts, key chains, glass cases and others. Syria holds a strong comparative advantage in leather because of its high quality of raw hides.

Syrian antiques are sought after for the brilliant craftsmanship evident in each of the pieces. The Syrian Khanjar, for instance, is ornamented with silver, the handle made of camel bone and decorated with the figure of tiger’s head. There are several designs to choose from, each unique than the other.

The herbs from Syria are growing in popularity and have proven benefits against diabetes, hypertension, obesity and cardio vascular diseases. With more people turning to herbal remedy as against conventional treatments, the world’s focus is slowly turning towards alternative therapies.

There are also folkloric dances being staged in the Syrian Pavilion that shed light on the cultural side of Syria. Thus the diverse mix of products in the Syrian Pavilion welcome eager visitors who flock to get a glimpse of the ethnicity of this nation.

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