SoundKraft LLC is transforming the events industry in an exceptional way

SoundKraft LLC is transforming the events industry in an exceptional way
Mithesh Bhatia, Owner and Managing Director of SoundKraft LLC

In conversation with Mithesh Bhatia, Owner and Managing Director of SoundKraft LLC, Professional AV Rental equipment providers in the events industry.

Tell us about SoundKraft - How it all started and what are your core areas of expertise?

With a vast growth and inflated demand of the MICE market in the UAE, Soundkraft decided to launch officially in Dubai back in 2010, with driven aims, futuristic visions and objectives of providing professional services in the event production industry. Our equipment range has included a portfolio of highly advanced Lighting, Audio, Video, Led Screens, Stage, Truss & Rigging & SFX by supplying to large-scale concerts, exhibitions, conferences, product launches, weddings etc. Our main focus in mind has always been up to date by re-investing in the best industry standard equipment's and technology to cover the gap in the market and to also follow the requirements and demands of our clients.

What are your core competencies? What makes you stand out of the crowd in your industry?

Throughout the years, we have earned a strong reputation in the market and have successfully built a powerful client profile and market presence. We are now considered to be the go to place for a one stop solution for a world class event production as well as innovative and upgraded equipments. We always ensure to have all our items available in our inventory and stocked at our warehouse for any time usage and last minute requirements from the clients. What also give us a competitive edge over our competitors are the people we bring in house. Our team comes from various professional backgrounds such as, visionary designers, knowledgeable and tech savvy engineers as well as proactive technicians who all have a passion for technology and are continuously thriving to provide exceptional experiences for our clients. In addition to the aforementioned, we are always up to date and following the market trends and standards to better service our people. Our budget is always reinvested on a yearly basis and we are always aware in terms of where to invest and how to develop technology that can be used in the right path.  

As EXPO 2020 is right around the corner - How it has impacted SoundKraft and what are your plans for it?

As you know, EXPO 2020 is a one of a kind and a spectacular event for Dubai. The UAE has been preparing for it with steady moves but yet rapid growth and heavy development. It is with no doubt that EXPO 2020 for us is a big room for expansion and would help us unlock various business opportunities. It is going to be an enormous event for SoundKraft as supplying AV Equipments to exhibitions and events are our core expertise and area of focus. Our role is to mainly provide technologically advanced equipments which are available for immediate rental and that's where we find ourselves in the show. The exhibition will be demanding highly advanced audio visual equipments and that's where SoundKraft will capitalize and play its vital part in covering the needs, taking into consideration that we are proudly registered as vendors for this epic occasion.
Coming back to the part of how did EXPO 2020 impact SoundKraft. I would simply say that since the event was announced, the government has implemented and highlighted major rules with other internal departments for organizing conferences and events. Therefore, a demand of industry professionals has risen automatically and this has helped us notice a growth demand of around 20 to 25% in the market.

What are your expansion and growth plans for over the next few years - what is the vision?

We have started in the UAE and Dubai was our first point of operations- now that we have built strong presence in the country, we are surely considering expansion plans both regionally and internationally. We have great visions to expand in the GCC and the KSA market is an attraction hub for us at the moment. We are thinking about officially starting operations in Saudi in the coming few months and this is due to so many factors that the Saudi market has provided to investors. It has literally opened its doors for investment and has launched ambitious events in various industries as part of the Kingdom's vision of 2030. Therefore, such a remarkable shift has been an important tool for us to make an essential decision and to put our services in handy for our future Saudi clients. On the other hand, international markets have always been kept in mind for our future plans and we have thoroughly identified potential markets for us to target. Singapore for instance, is considered to be a fast growing and highly developed nation attracting a lot of trade shows and conferences throughout the year and that's a prosperous arena for our company.

Any major or significant projects that were executed in the past year you would like to highlight?

Yes certainly, we have successfully executed to supplying AV close to 750+ events in 2018 and we have managed to collaborate with big agencies and organizations where we were chosen as key suppliers. Furthermore, our projects included supplying from large concerts to exhibitions, conferences, launches, award shows, weddings etc equipping government, semi government and private agencies. These alliances have helped us build a prestigious reputation and establish stronger ties that led to continuous and regular collaborations.

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