Social Award Launched to Encourage CSR

DUBAI - The Ministry of Social Affairs launched the Emirates Social Award in appreciation to distinguished contributions to social care and development recently.

Minister of Social Affairs Mariam Khalfan Al Roomi said the award, which comes in line with the strategy of the federal government, is aimed to encourage corporate social responsibility.

“We want to set the mechanisms required to properly appropriate all those considering social responsibility, be they companies or businessmen,” Al Roomi said.

“We want give them more and better chance.”

Head of Emirates Social Award, Muna Al Zaabi said, the award is up to international standards saying, “Application is open for all members of the society, civil organisations, along with private and public companies. Entries will be accepted until February 21.”

Aimed to bolster social responsibility, the award includes several categories.

“Rehabilitating, training and employing jobless people able to work, and taking care of orphan and assaulted children, and those of unknown fathers and special needs are some of the categories covered,” Al Zaabi told Khaleej Times.

“Looking after the aged people, as well as low income widows and divorcees, let alone participating in developing local communities, and promoting the infrastructure of social utilities are further fields of the award.”

Al Zaabi then said that the award is expected to see numerous participations.

“We have set a target of 20 entries in first edition of the award, but we expect more participation.”

Added to this, Al Zaabi said the jury panel includes official general directors of long experience in voluntary work. “We want to be utmost fair to all participants.”

Head of the award then indicated that the trophy of the first position will be granted in lieu of the outcome.

“It is not only a matter of charity giving. It is rather related to how the society benefited from such benevolence and for how long,” Al Zaabi said.

“A company to rank first needs to improve by documents a three to five continuous social work.”

Al Zaabi then noted that winning companies, organisations or individuals will have the ministry support to be ISO certified. “Winners will also have a chance to a brief presentation in the concluding party and on the ministry periodical.”

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