Smiles all around as raffle winners are named

DUBAI - A sailor on shore leave for five days, an Emirati girl, a jewellery salesman and a four-month-old baby are some of the happy faces as the final raffle winners for DSF 2003 were announced.

By A Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 17 Feb 2003, 2:35 AM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 10:24 PM

Muhanad Mohammed Khadaam is from Syria and works as a sailor. On shore leave for five days, Mr Muhanad tried his luck with the Lexus raffle.

"I have lived in Dubai earlier for one-and-a-half years and am happy with this win. I shall now utilise the money to get married and say goodbye to sailing days."

Sabah Mohammed is an 18-year-old Emirati girl, whose mother purchased a ticket on her behalf.

This was the third ticket for the family, which owns the Golden Fork chain of restaurants.

Each year they buy 15 to 20 tickets and put it in the names of various family members. Her father is of the opinion that since the family has enough cars, the money could be invested in a private business for his daughter.

"This year DSF has been very good for our business as well, since we have seen a 65 per cent rise in our business compared to last year," he said.

The third Lexus winner also from the Emirates is Sendia Mohammed Hassan Salem.

The fourth winner is Mohammed Yakoob, an Indian, who is an outdoor salesman with Damas for the past seven years.

He shares his win with three other colleagues. This year they had bought seven tickets.

"I have been lucky before in my home country but never in Dubai. In fact, last year we missed out on the Lexus seven-car bonanza by just two digits. I have my family and relatives here, so we shall discuss how best to utilise this win."

The last Millionaire for DSF 2003 is four-month-old Nikhil Rattesar. His father Kamal works with Al Sharafi as an engineer. Nikhil, who was born in the UAE, is blissfully unaware of his win, which is being shared with 10 others.

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