Sharjah scraps black points for good cabbies

SHARJAH — Sharjah Transport, as part of its strategy to encourage drivers’ good behaviour, curb traffic violations and complaints, and boost customers’ satisfaction, scrapped black points and gave cash gifts to its disciplined drivers in the last three months.

The Dh150,000 incentive scheme, named Shukran (Thank You), was adopted in May this year. As per the programme, well-behaved drivers are eligible for financial and other benefits. They may also get the black points imposed for traffic violations replaced with white points.

Head of Service Quality Control Department Mohamed Karam said as many as 413 Shukran certificates were given to select bus and taxi drivers in appreciation of their good manners.

“The two main categories of certificates included white points, and white points plus cash gifts. As many as 290 certificates were given away in the first category while 123 were given away in the second,” he said.

To make the move more appealing and to promote good manners, a driver can remove one black point with three white points. Such a positive competition comes in line with the corporation’s vision, and will end in customer satisfaction.

“A budget of Dh150,000 and a list of seven positive manners have been set for the programme in its first year, yet the budget and number of good manners may be increased in view of field reports and evaluation,” he said.

The driver’s personal cleanliness and appearance topped the good behaviour which was appreciated with 130 certificates. “The vehicles with a good smell came second with 117 certificates,” he said, adding that cash gifts of up to Dh5,165 were given in the first three months.

In view of the quality controllers’ reports, drivers will be rewarded, for example, for helping passengers upload and download bags, dealing with commuters in a decent way, looking neat and clean, and giving priority to pedestrians.

Shamsi said the bonuses have been classified into three categories: Dh20, Dh25, and Dh50.

“White points have also been classified into four categories: one, two, three and five points,” he said, stressing the importance of communication with drivers and encouraging them to perform well and mirror a better image of the corporation.

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