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Sharjah man cuts off genitals for being forced to remarry

Sharjah man cuts off genitals for being forced to remarry

Sharjah - The man already has a wife and two daughters in his home country, and said he didn't need a second wife.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 26 Oct 2016, 6:37 PM

An Asian man who was forced to marry a second woman he did not like has mutilated his genitals, a police source told Khaleej Times.

However, the doctors at Al Qassimi Hospital in Sharjah managed to save the 26-year-old and he is recuperating at the hospital.

According to a Sharjah Police official, the hospital authorities informed them about the incident. Initially the police thought the man tried to commit suicide, but the investigation team found it was a family dispute that led the man to do the drastic act.

The police said his family had been forcing him for a second marriage for a while, which he didn't like. He has a wife and two daughters in his home country and he didn't want to get married again. To avoid the marriage, he cut his male organ, the official said.

The man was rushed to Al Kuwaiti Hospital by his brother who carried the organ in plastic bag and handed it over to the doctors. However, he was in a serious condition and was shifted to Al Qassimi Hospital.

According to an official at the hospital, the man was bleeding severely and immediately, a team of doctors comprising Dr Younis Al Shamsi, consultant of urology and reproductive system, and Ahmed Abu Al Naja, consultant and surgeon of Veins, conducted operation to restore the organ.

Dr Younis said that the patient first refused to get the restoration surgery done and it took a long time for his brother and the medical team to convince him.

The team conducted the surgery successfully and the process took three hours. The patient's condition is stable now, said the doctor.

"I have conducted a number of surgeries on male organs; but this case was very strange and rare as the organ was separated from the body and was brought to us in plastic bag," Dr Younis added.

The patient also will be provided with psychiatric counselling in the hospital and will soon be discharged.

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