Sharjah goes green with new street lights

Sharjah goes green with new street lights

Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority says new lighting system across the emirate would help reduce power consumption by 55 per cent.

By Afkar Abdullah/principal Correspondent

Published: Tue 10 Feb 2015, 12:42 AM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jun 2015, 10:31 PM

The power-saving lights installed along the Sharjah Corniche. — Supplied photo

Sharjah — The majority of Sharjah streets and areas now have power-saving lights that reduce energy usage by 55 per cent. The old lighting system is being replaced with LED lights also in the rest of the areas.

The Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Sewa) recently installed power-saving lights in areas such as Al Qasimiya University, Water Canal Bridge in Dibba Al Hisn, Al Dhaid, Al Badee, Al Izra and Al Hamriya. “In all, the new lighting system would help reduce power consumption by 55 per cent,” said Dr Rashid Al Leem, Chairman of the authority.

At a glance

> Street lighting of international standards

> New lights improve visibility, to reduce accidents

> Different types of lights installed in residential and industrial areas

> Lamps in parks, sports clubs, stadia also being replaced

> Street lights controlled by timers

Speaking to, Al Leem said the lighting project is being executed based on a strategic plan and schedule. “The electricians are installing new lights in the areas one by one.”

The Sewa is very keen to have street lighting of international standards by using advanced lights and poles that cope with the rapid growth being witnessed in the emirate. The lighting project has contributed a great deal in reducing traffic accidents, which used to be caused by a lack of visibility, and improving security, Al Leem added.

Engineer Ahmed Binyas, Director of Lighting, said the authority has so far erected 175 poles and laid cables to a length of 7,259 metres in Al Qasimiya University. On the Water Canal Bridge, 22 poles have been erected, with five lamps on each pole, besides 66 poles erected in the Dibba Al Hisn area.

In Al Dhaid and Al Badee areas, the authority has erected 56 poles each, and in Al Hamriya, 154 lampposts have been erected, while 720 poles have been installed in Al Izra area.

Besides these, the Sewa has replaced the old lamps in parks and sport clubs with LED lights to reduce consumption. It replaced 764 lamps in stadiums and sport clubs which must would function only at the time of games and events to save power consumption.

“The types of lamps is selected based on the areas. For example, in residential areas, we instal lamps which are not too bright to not cause disturbance to residents, while in industrial and commercial areas, we instal bright lamps to ensure security and prevent crimes,” Binyas said.

He explained that the operation of the street lights in all areas has been automated through timers.

The technical teams consider the safety and security before erecting poles and conduct periodical maintenance work.

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