Sewage Leaking from Building Raises a Stink

AJMAN - Residents of a building in Ajman’s New Industrial Area are complaining about sewage water leaking from an old building and accumulating in a sandy area used for parking.

Despite action from civic authorities, the problem continues to raise a stink.

“We’ve just slapped another fine against the landlord responsible for the sewage-flooded area,” a municipal official said, adding that several complaints were received against the same landlord.

Mohammed Abdul Wahab, Head of Cleanliness Section at the Public Health and Environment Department of Ajman Municipality, said that they have received other complaints related to sewage leakage.

“Sewage tankers, which do not come on a regular basis, worsen the situation,” he said, adding that the landlord has been fined several times.

“A fine up to Dh10,000, as per law, is imposed against such anti-environment violations and distortion of public health and scenery.” Johnson Varghese, a grocer from India, said that the empty sandy plot of land was once a good parking space for residents in the neighbourhood.

“A month back, a pool of sewage waste flooded the whole area, and nobody took action.”

Varghese then said though he has recently opened a small food stuff shop in the district, he is thinking of shifting to another place because of the waste water. “I am losing customers because of the unbearable odour and disgusting view.”

“The problem poses risk to the health of all residents in the district, particularly children, who can no longer play or even walk by the sewage pools.”

Haris Hamza, an Indian driver, said he used to park his car in the sandy area until “the problem occurred a month back.”

“We can hardly park our vehicles at the boundaries of the flooded area which is attracting insects and even stray animals.”

Hamza asked the authorities to take action as the waste water is about to flood the whole area.

“I can hardly drive by the place because of the awful stink.”

Ahmed Burei, a watchman of a nearby building, said that the problem of sewage in the area is not new.

It’s been years now since this problem occurred, but the situation is getting worse these days.”

Pakistani cashier Tahir Rashid, who runs an internet café, said the smell was affecting his business.

“No one wants to chat or surf the Net while smelling sewage water,” he said.

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